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General Papers

A comparison of the mechanical properties of Fe-Cr-Si-B metallic glass wires and HT steel wires PDF
J. A. Verduzco, R. J. Hand, H. A. Davies
Contact fatigue propagation of deep defects in railway wheels PDF
S. Beretta, G. Donzella, R. Roberti, A. Ghidini
Crack interaction mechanism of pre-split rock blasting PDF
A. V. Dyskin, A. N. Galybin
Cracked beam element applied to fatigue damage identification of steel bridges PDF
E.P. de Deus, U. Peil
Damage resistance and micromechanical analysis of ultra high performance concrete. PDF
G. Orange, P. Acker, J. Dugat
Development of edge cracks in rolling bodies PDF
V.V. Panasyuk, O.P. Datsyshyn
Different CDM-models and their ability to describe the damage development at ductile fracture of steel PDF
R. Schiffmann, W. Dahl, W. Bleck
Dynamic compression testing of metallic materials - ESIS progress towards a european standard PDF
A. Doig, H. Taylor
Effect of temperature and strain rate on the cyclic plasticity mechanisms of an interstitial free steel - comparison with ultra high purity iron PDF
A. Daniélou, M. Robillard, J. Stolarz, T. Magnin
Estimation of the total life in fretting fatigue with spherical contact PDF
Carlos Navarro, Jaime Domínguez
Experimental analysis of fatigue crack growth life under random loading PDF
B. Moreno, J. Zapatero, J. Domínguez
Experimental investigation of fracture toughness parameters in quenched and tempered, and in austempered 65 Si 7 steel PDF
D. Pustaic, F. Cajner, ?. Dobi
Fatigue crack growth threshold conditions for small notches PDF
C. Vallellano, A. Navarro, J. Dominguez
Finite element analysis of fatigue crack growth threshold testing techniques PDF
S. R. Daniewicz, J. D. Skinner
High cycle fatigue of ion nitrided 40Cr steel specimens PDF
D.S. Tchankov, D.I. Dimitrov
Hot corrosion and fracture of nickel–base superalloys PDF
S.B. Belikov, A.D. Boval, D.D. Denisov
Integrity of cast components containing inhomogeneities PDF
Y. Nadot, D. Bertheau, V. Denier, J. Mendez
Investigations into the influence of the mechanical conditions at the crack tip on SCC test results PDF
H. M. Nykyforchyn, W. Dietzel
Micromechanical aspects of constraint effects in steel for containers of spent nuclear fuel PDF
I. Dlouhý, Z. Chlup
Numerical modelling of the visco-plastic behaviour of a wide austenitic stainless steel cracked plate PDF
C. Poussard, L. Le Ber, C. Delaval, C. Sainte Catherine
On the initial stages of corrosion fatigue emanating from smooth surface PDF
I. M. Dmytrakh, A. M. Syrotyuk, R. S. Hrabovskyi
Reliability of chevron notch technique for fracture toughness determination in glass composites reinforced by long fibres PDF
I. Dlouhý, M. Reinisch, A. R. Boccaccini
Study of the performance of a most probable point correction when applied to B -PFEM models in fatigue crack propagation PDF
J. A. Bea, A .B . Anel, and M . Doblaré