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General Papers

A lifing procedure to predict life for shot-peened cast components subjected to high cycle fatigue PDF
I. Chantier, V. Bobet-Denier, F. Hild
A predictive law to address creep damage in welded joints of 316L(N) stainless steel. PDF
G. Bouche, L. Allais, R. Piques, A. F. Gourgues, A. Pineau
A reference stress based cod estimation in LBB analysis PDF
Yun-Jae Kim, P J Budden
A study on the fatigue behaviour of damaged welded joints repaired by hammer peening PDF
V. Infante, C. M. Branco
An investigation of methods of estimating crack driving force for defects in or near welds PDF
M C Smith, M R Goldthorpe, P J Bouchard, P Prottey
Analysis of Low-Cycle Fatigue at Notches in a Single Crystal Superalloy at High Temperature PDF
P. Boubidi, R. Sievert
Application of cohesive model to dynamic ductile fracture tests PDF
G. Berardo, P. Salvini, M. Di Biagio
Assessment of the contribution of plastic strain gradient effects to the fatigue threshold of ductile materials PDF
E.A. Bonifaz, J.M. Martínez-Esnaola, I. Ocaña, J. Gil-Sevillano
Constraint effect on environmentally assisted cracking of the austenite steel 08Kh18N10T in the concentrated solutions at 270°C PDF
Anna Brosová, Karel Šplíchal, Zdenìk Fiala
Contact fatigue propagation of deep defects in railway wheels PDF
S. Beretta, G. Donzella, R. Roberti, A. Ghidini
Creep and fatigue crack growth in PE-HD pipe grades - effect of test temperature and R-ratio PDF
G. Pinter, W. Balika, R.W. Lang
Defect tolerant design of an helicopter tail rotor shaft
S. Beretta, M. Giglio
Different CDM-models and their ability to describe the damage development at ductile fracture of steel PDF
R. Schiffmann, W. Dahl, W. Bleck
Effective stress intensity factor and contact stress for partially closed oblique edge cracks PDF
M . Beghinil, L. Bertini, V. Fontanari
Effects of geometry and material on the energy dissipation rate PDF
W. Brocks, Th. Siegmund
Effects of microstructure on fatigue short crack behaviour in multiphase materials PDF
J. Stolarz, N. Baffie, O. Madelaine-Dupuich
Evaluation of the deformation of polyamide materials under tension using laser extensometry PDF
C. Bierögel, T. Fahnert, W. Grellmann
Experimental and numerical investigations of the failure behaviour of components by application of fracture and damage mechanics PDF
W. Baer, D. Klingbeil
Experimental method to increase the loading capability of glass-fibre reinforced composite tubes PDF
H. Teodorescu-Draghicescu, I. Goia, D. Rosu, C. Birtu, F. Teodorescu-Draghicescu
Fatigue and monotonic properties of an interstitial free steel sheet PDF
M. T. Milan, D. Spinelli, W. W. Bose
Fatigue crack growth at high temperature in the PM nickel base superalloy UDIMET 720 L1 PDF
C.M. Branco, F. Santos, J. Byrne
Fatigue crack propagation perpendicular to an interface: the effect of plastic mismatch PDF
R. Pippan, K. Flechsig, F.O. Riemelmoser, H.P. Brantner
Fracture mechanical behaviour of plasma-sprayed coatings PDF
H.P. Brantner, R. Pippan, W. Prantl, S. Bertini, O. Lacroix
Fracture mechanics properties of materials of reactor pressure vessel of WWER 440 PDF
D. Lauerová, M. Brumovský
Hot corrosion and fracture of nickel–base superalloys PDF
S.B. Belikov, A.D. Boval, D.D. Denisov
Implementation of coalescence criteria into the GTN model application to work-hardening ductile materials PDF
J. Chambert, Ph. Bressolette, A. Vergne
Improvement of stress corrosion cracking (SCC) resistance by cyclic pre-straining in 316L austenitic stainless steel in boiling MgCl2 solution – importance of the pre-deformation mode. PDF
I. de Curiere, B. Bayle, T. Magnin
Influence of pulsed laser beam hardening on the fatigue limit of the steel 42CrMo4 PDF
T. Hosenfeldt, H. Bomas, P. Mayr
Integrity of cast components containing inhomogeneities PDF
Y. Nadot, D. Bertheau, V. Denier, J. Mendez
Mathematical model of subcritical creep crack growth PDF
V.I. Astafiev, V.V. Bondarenko
Modeling of ductile tearing of pipeline-steel wide plates PDF
J . Besson, F. Rivalin, M. Di Fant, A. Pineau
Modeling of the surface microcracking in polyethylene due to UV-degradation PDF
Ihor Skrypnyk, Jan Spoormaker, Natalia Bilyk
Numerical modelling of the visco-plastic behaviour of a wide austenitic stainless steel cracked plate PDF
C. Poussard, L. Le Ber, C. Delaval, C. Sainte Catherine
Numerical study of fracture in glued wood specimen
Ph. Bressolette, A. Vergne
On acoustic regime at fracture of steel specimens after holding in corrosion medium PDF
L.R. Botvina, T.B. Petersen
Orientational effects on fatigue crack growth rates in a forged disc of Inconel 718 superalloy PDF
S. Ponnelle, B. Brethes, A. Pineau
Phenomenological study of crack propagation in multidirectional stratified subjected to mode (I) PDF
A. Ahmed-Benyahia, A. Laksimi, T. Boukharouba, M.L. Benzeggagh
Propagation of Surface Cracks Under Cyclic Loading PDF
T. Boudaoud, N. Ouali, A. Ahmed-Benyahia, T. Boukharouba
Reliability of chevron notch technique for fracture toughness determination in glass composites reinforced by long fibres PDF
I. Dlouhý, M. Reinisch, A. R. Boccaccini
Results of a european round robin on the impact fracture toughness of plastics at high rates of loading PDF
W. Böhme
SCC behaviour of pipeline microalloyed steels PDF
A. Cayón, C. Rodríguez, R. Lezcano, J.A. Alvarez, F.J. Belzunce, F. Gutiérrez-Solana
STAU - a general-purpose tool for probabilistic reliability assessment of ceramic components under multiaxial loading PDF
H. Riesch-Oppermann, A. Brückner-Foit, C. Ziegler
Study of the performance of a most probable point correction when applied to B -PFEM models in fatigue crack propagation PDF
J. A. Bea, A .B . Anel, and M . Doblaré