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General Papers

A new normalized characterizing fatigue function PDF
D.G. Angelova
A predictive law to address creep damage in welded joints of 316L(N) stainless steel. PDF
G. Bouche, L. Allais, R. Piques, A. F. Gourgues, A. Pineau
Comparison studies of R-curves for fatigue and tear cracks in a thin aluminium plate PDF
V.P. Naumenko, G.S. Volkov, A.G. Atkins
Creep behaviour of a cast rene 41 superalloy PDF
G. Atxaga, A.M. Irisarri
Damage resistance and micromechanical analysis of ultra high performance concrete. PDF
G. Orange, P. Acker, J. Dugat
Effects of diffuse cracking around a cohesive crack PDF
I. Arbilla, J. Planas, G.V. Guinea, M. Elices
Fatigue behaviour of a thick plate of aluminium alloy 7475 PDF
M. Lorente, G. Atxaga, A.M. Irisarri, M. San Martín, L.M. Plaza
Fractographic study of two damage tolerant aluminium alloys PDF
A.M. Irisarri, G. Atxaga
Fracture toughness of an aluminium alloy matrix composite PDF
A. García-Romero, A.M. Irisarri, M. Anglada
Fracture variability of yttria-stabilized zirconia PDF
D. Casellas, J. Alcalá, L. Llanes, M. Anglada
Influence of the sample thickness on the essential specific work of fracture PDF
A. Monsalve, F. Alcorta, D. Celentano
Limit equilibrium of a curvilinear crack with the partial frictional contact of its surfaces PDF
R. V. Goldstein, A. V. Andreev, Yu. V. Zhitnikov
Load interaction effects in high temperature fatigue and dwell crack growth PDF
P. Heuler, E. Affeldt, R.J.H. Wanhill
Mathematical model of subcritical creep crack growth PDF
V.I. Astafiev, V.V. Bondarenko
Phenomenological study of crack propagation in multidirectional stratified subjected to mode (I) PDF
A. Ahmed-Benyahia, A. Laksimi, T. Boukharouba, M.L. Benzeggagh
Propagation of Surface Cracks Under Cyclic Loading PDF
T. Boudaoud, N. Ouali, A. Ahmed-Benyahia, T. Boukharouba
Safe damage fatigue criteria PDF
Yu. I. Ragozin, Yu. Ya. Antonov
SCC behaviour of pipeline microalloyed steels PDF
A. Cayón, C. Rodríguez, R. Lezcano, J.A. Alvarez, F.J. Belzunce, F. Gutiérrez-Solana
Study of the performance of a most probable point correction when applied to B -PFEM models in fatigue crack propagation PDF
J. A. Bea, A .B . Anel, and M . Doblaré
The application of the Gurson-Tvergaard model in the aging embrittlement of austeno-ferritic stainless steels PDF
J.M. Alegre, J. Pérez, F. Gutiérrez-Solana, L. Sánchez