The numerical simulation of ceramic composites failure at axial compression

P.V. Makarov, M.O. Eremin


On the basis of the developed model of quasibrittle medium the brittle and quasibrittle failure ofcomposite ceramic materials with zirconium dioxide matrix and various percentage of hardening particles ofcorundum are studied numerically. The theory of the damaged media is applied in the calculations. It is shownthat failure process educes in 2 stages - a relatively slow quasistationary phase of accumulation of inelasticdeformations and damages in all hierarchy of scales and superfast catastrophic phase - a blow-up regime whenthe failure process reaches the macro-scale and there is a macro-crack formation. The failure process in theproposed model assumes to be completed when the damage function reaches its maximum value and thestrength of the composite evolve to zero.

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