Application of martensitic SMA alloys as passive dampers of GFRP laminated composites

M. Bocciolone, M. Carnevale, A. Collina, N. Lecis, A. Lo Conte, B. Previtali, C.A. Biffi, P. Bassani, A. Tuissi


This paper describes the application of SMA (Shape Memory Alloy) materials to enhance thepassive damping of GFRP (Glass Fiber Reinforced Plastic) laminated composite. The SMA has been embeddedas reinforcement in the GFRP laminated composite and a SMA/GFRP hybrid composite has been obtained.Two SMA alloys have been studied as reinforcement and characterized by thermo-mechanical tests. Thearchitecture of the hybrid composite has been numerically optimized in order to enhance the structural dampingof the host GFRP laminated, without significant changes of the specific weight and of the flexural stiffness. Thedesign and the resultant high damping material are interesting and will be useful in general for applicationsrelated to passive damping. The application to a new designed lateral horn of railway collector of the Italianhigh speed trains is discussed.

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