Micro void coalescence of ductile fracture in mild steel during tensile straining

P. K. Pradhan, P. S. Robi, Sankar K. Roy


The ductile fracture occurs mainly in three stages i.e. void nucleation, void growth and the voidcoalescence. The present work focuses on the study the coalescence of existing micro void in a ductile material,mild steel. The specimen with holes in square array at various angle to load axis have been tested. The holeswere machined in the specimen and assuming those hole as the voids. The growth and coalescence behavioursduring tensile straining were observed both in macro and micro levels. Since the existing facility is not adequateto make hole size in micron, this work has been carried out by making hole upto 500 micron. The results arecompared with other specimen with bigger size hole and without any hole. Also the effects of micro voids(present in the material) on the progress of crack have been studied. It is found that with same amount of voids,present in different positions, the mechanical properties of the material are altered.

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.3221%2FIGF-ESIS.19.05