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General Papers

Study of through thickness effects by means of the stress intensity factor PDF
A. Gonzalez-Herrera, J. Garcia-Manrique, D. Camas, P. Lopez-Crespo
Comparing improved crack tip plastic zone estimates considering corrections based on T-stresses and on complete stress fields PDF
J.T.P. Castro, R.A. Sousa, A.A.O. Lopes, L.F. Martha
Influence of non-singular higher order terms on the stress field of thin welded lap joints and small inclined cracks in plates PDF
F. Berto, P. Lazzarin, C.J. Christopher, M.N. James
Effective stress parameters close to stress singularities PDF
P. Livieri, R. Tovo
The plastic ‘inclusion’ as a bridge between local crack plasticity and the global elastic field PDF
M. N. James, C. J. Christopher, Yanwei Lu, E. A. Patterson
Overload effects on local fatigue crack-tip strain fields in plane stress samples PDF
P. J. Withers, H. Dai, P. Lopez-Crespo, A. Steuwer, F. Yusof, J. F. Kelleher, T. Buslaps
Comparison between Mode I and Mode III crack propagation under pure shear and RCF conditions PDF
S. Beretta, S. Foletti, M.G. Tarantino, J. Lai
Ratcheting strain as a crack driving force for crack growth PDF
J. Tong, L.-G. Zhao, B. Lin, C. Cornet

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