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General Papers

Microfracture mechanics based modelling of fatigue crack growth in aluminium alloy AL7010 T74S1 under random loading. PDF
L. Wei, E. R. de los Rios
Fatigue threshold behavior of thin metallic foils. PDF
A. Hadrboletz, G. Kathibi, B. Weiss, R. Stickler
Some aspects of small fatigue cracks under variable stress ratios. PDF
H. K. Kotoguchi, T. Wakasugi, H. Okamoto
Low cycle fatigue strength of high temperature welded joints: an efficient method to predict the life of austenitic 316L(N) weldments. PDF
L. Le Ber, C. Sainte Catherine, N. Waeckel, M. Turbat
Glass strengthening with epoxy based coatings: a fractographic study. PDF
R. J. Hand, F. H. Wang, B. Ellis, A. B. Seddon
Progress towards a unified structural integrity assessment procedure the SINTAP project. PDF
A.C. Bannister, S. E. Webster, M. Koiak, R. A. Ainsworth, K. Wallin, J. Y. Barthelemy
Fracture toughness estimation methodology within the SINTAP project. PDF
K. Wallin, A. C. Bannister, P. Nevasmaa
Fatigue cracks at sharp notches. PDF
S. Sahn, V. B. Pham, B. Wurm, T. Hamemik
A comparative study of the Rice & Tracey and Rousselier models in the analysis of the ductile tearing. PDF
J. Wilsius, A. Imad, M. Nait Abdelaziz, G. Mesmacque, C. Eripret
Competition between sensitisation and environmentally induced grain boundary damage in 304 stainless steel. PDF
K. Wolski, A. Harabasz, M. Biscondi, T. Magnin
On the mode II testing of carbon-fibre polymer composites PDF
B. R. K. Blackman, J. G. Williams
Micro-mechanical models of stable damage evolution on post-critical deformation stage and failure of composite materials PDF
A. A. Tashkinov, V. E. Wildemann, A. V. Zaitsev