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General Papers

Fatigue crack propagation in notched stainless steel specimens under variable amplitude loading. PDF
D. S. Tchankov, Y. A. Davidov, T. Z. Kamenova
Crack branching and threshold conditions of small cracks in biaxial fatigue. PDF
Y. Murakami, K. Takahashi
Fatigue crack propagation in FeAl and TiAl alloys as influenced by environment and temperature. PDF
A. Tonneau, G. Henaff, C. Mabru, J. Petit
Environmental effect on the growth of microstructurally small cracks in stainless steels. PDF
M. Nakajima, K. Tokaji
Evaluation of fatigue strength of arbitrarily notched specimens with small defects based on linear notch mechanics. PDF
F. Takeno, H. Nisitani
Inservice cracks growth in shafts of aircraft structures under simultaneous rotation or torsion and bending. PDF
A. A. Shaniavski, A. L. Toushentsov
Basic mechanisms of fatigue crack kinetics in metals. PDF
N. V. Tumanov, S. A. Cherkasova
Fatigue strength and fatigue crack initiation of steel notched plates under cyclic and random loading. PDF
D. S. Tchankov, A. Ohta, N. Suzuki, Y. Maeda
Low cycle fatigue strength of high temperature welded joints: an efficient method to predict the life of austenitic 316L(N) weldments. PDF
L. Le Ber, C. Sainte Catherine, N. Waeckel, M. Turbat
Mechanism map of U72ULi superalloy at 650°C. PDF
J. Tong, J. Byrne
Fatigue fracture of power engineering structures. PDF
V. N. Shlyannikov, A. V. Tchadaev, V. A. Kalatchev
The influence of service and manufacturing defects on cyclic life of gas turbine engine blades. PDF
B. A. Gryaznov, Yu. S. Nalimov, G. V. Tsyban'ov
Effects of notch root radius on both crack initiation sites and fracture toughness of ceramics and steel. PDF
K. Tsuji, K. Ando
Influence of microstructure on fatigue fracture characteristics of AI2O3. PDF
M. Kido, G. Katayama, Y. Tsuchibushi, N. Inoda
A CTOA description of size effects in R-curves for large growth. PDF
R. M. Curr, C. E. Turner
Fracture toughness evaluation using circumferentially cracked cylindrical specimens. PDF
C. H. L. J. ten Horn, A. Bakker
Anisotropic fracture behaviour of eutectoid steels with different degrees of drawing. PDF
J. Toribio, M. Toledano
Prediction of cleavage fracture in welded wide plates by the J-Q-M approach. PDF
C. Thaulow, Z. L. Zhang, M. Hauge
The fracture resistance of bimaterial copper-stainless steel interfaces with three-point bend configuration. PDF
A. Laukkanen, P. KarjalainenRoikonen, P. Moilanen, S. Tahtinen
Study on the process of intrusion formation using crystalline FEM analysis. PDF
N. Osawa, Y. Tomita, K. Hashimoto
High-resolution numerical modelling of stress-strain fields in the vicinity of a crack tip subjected to fatigue. PDF
J. Toribio, V. Kharin
Numerical approach for the prediction of fatigue crack growth in microelectronics solder joints. PDF
K. Kaminishi, M. lino, M. Taneda
Current issues in hydrogen embrittlement. PDF
A. Turnbull
Hydrogen assisted cracking of high-strength steels for civil engineering purposes. PDF
J. Toribio, E. Ovejero
Identification of corrosion-mechanical fracture mechanism of structural steels PDF
H. M. Nykyforchyn, O. T. Tsyrulnyk
Fish eye formation in A508.3 and 18MND5 steels after hydrogen charging PDF
J. Sojka, M. Sozanska, J. Galland, L. Hyspecka, M. Tvrdy
Influence of transient near-tip stress field on hydrogen assisted tracking PDF
J. Toribio, V. Kharin
Determination of the characteristic yield force (Fzy) and displacement (Sj,) for instrumented mini charpy-V specimens PDF
H. Taylor
Acoustic emissions in epoxy adhesive dynamic peel specimens containing interfacial layers PDF
H. Taylor, W. C. Law, J. P. E. Pyykko, D. L. Chadwick, R. E. Davis
Dynamic compression testing of plain carbon steel PDF
A. Doig, H. Taylor
Micro-mechanical models of stable damage evolution on post-critical deformation stage and failure of composite materials PDF
A. A. Tashkinov, V. E. Wildemann, A. V. Zaitsev
Creep-fatigue interactions during crack growth in a fine-sand asphalt concrete mixture PDF
J. Zuidema, J. Schulte, R. L. Krans, F. Tolman