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General Papers

Fatigue limit of nodular cast iron containing casting defects. PDF
Y. Nadot, J. Mendez, N. Ranganathan, A. S. Beranger
Thermal ageing and anisotropy effects on the fatigue crack growth behaviour of duplex stainless steels. PDF
A. Mateo, N. Ramirez, L. Llanes, Y. Houbaert, M. Anglada
Modelling the effect of micropores on the fatigue life of AA7050 aluminium alloy thick plates. PDF
J. C. Ehrstrôm, D. Roy,, M. Garghouri, R. Fougères
The use of fatigue to design structures under variable loading. PDF
L. C. H. Ricardo, A. H. P. Andrade
Creep and creep-fatigue behaviour of UD1MET 720 at 850°C. PDF
E. Chateau, L. Remy
Fatigue crack initiation in a ferritic-martensitic steel under irradiated and unirradiated conditions. PDF
J. Bertsch, A. Moslang,, H. Riesch-Oppermann
The peculiarities of designing with brittle materials weak points and deficiencies. PDF
D. Rubesa, R. Danzer
Ceramics and cermet composites: comparison from the position of fracture mechanics. PDF
O. M. Romaniv, B. D. Vasyliv
Fracture toughness and work of fracture of SiCfibre glass matrix composite aged in nonoxidising atmosphere. PDF
I. Dlouhy, M. Reinisch, B. Vlach, A. R. Boccaccini
Fracture mechanics assessment of components. PDF
E. Roos, K. Kussmaul
A local approach to cleavage fracture of A508 steel. PDF
A. Rossoll, C. Berdin, P. Forget, C. Prioul, B. Marini
Modelling of the ductile to brittle transition of a low alloy steel. PDF
S. Carassou, S. Renevey, B. Marini, A. Pineau
Fracture study of human bones by optical methods. PDF
M. Konsta-Gdoutos, E. E. Gdouto, D. D. Raltopoulos, J. Meissner
Application of local approach to the cleavage fracture behaviour of F82Hmod ferritic-martensitic structural steel. PDF
H. Riesch-Oppermann, E. Diegele, A. Brückner-Foit
Assessment of the crack resistance behaviour of martensitic steels by fracture toughness and in situ tensile tests. PDF
D. Regener, E. Schick
Flaw assessment in structures of strain hardening material. PDF
S. Kovchyk, R. Risnytchuk
The inner-cut-off-radius in the Ritchie-Knott-Rice model of cleavage fracture. PDF
F. O. Riemelmoser, R. Pippan
Influence of the stress state in mismatched weld joints on fracture resistance under tension. PDF
E. Ranatowski
Experiments on warm prestress effect and their numerical simulation based on local approach. PDF
E. Roos, U. Alsmann, K. Elsasser, U. Eisele, M. Seidenfuss
Numerical method for determination of the mixed mode crack behaviour 951 in elastic-plastic materials. PDF
J. Li, X. B. Zhang, N. Recho
Prediction of fatigue crack growth under complex loading with the software system FRANC/FAM. PDF
H. A. Richard, B. May, M. Schollmann
Environmental aspects of the sustained-load cracking in a mill annealed titanium alloy. PDF
Y. N. Lenets, A. H. Rosenberger, T. Nicholas
Some problems of the cold cracking in weld joints in aspect of fracture mechanics PDF
E. Ranatowski
Combined effect of hydrogen and stress concentrations in austenitic stainless steel PDF
L. Caballero, A. Valiente, J. Ruiz
Dynamic fracture mechanics testing of the HSLA steel PDF
Z. Radakovic, G. B. Lenkey, A. Sedmak
Effect of the strain rate on the mechanical behaviour of a Ti-6Al-4V/SiC composite material PDF
F. Galvez, J. Rodriguez, P. Poza, J. Llorca, L. Ocafla, A. Martin-Meizoso, J. Gil-Sevillano, M. Fuentes
Fracture toughness of pyrolitic carbon-graphite composites for biological applications PDF
M. Raguso, A. Casadei, M. Rosetto, R. Doglione, D. Firrao
Study of the temperature effect on the matrix cracking in carbon/epoxy cross-ply laminates under cyclic loading PDF
N. Khemiri, L. Michel, F. Lachaud, E. Ramahefarison