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General Papers

Low cycle fatigue behaviour and lifetime prediction of a SiC particulate reinforced aluminium alloy at elevated temperatures. PDF
A. Jung, H. J. Maier, H.J. Christ
Fracture toughness of thin nodular cast iron. PDF
M. Janssen, H. Boone
Predicted and experimental corrosion fatigue crack growth rates of anodically polarised steel in deaerated sea water PDF
C. J. van der Wekken, P. C. H. Anient, M. Janssen, J. Zuidema
Modelling fracture in aluminium based metal matrix composites using a statistical approach PDF
K. M. Mussert, M. Janssen, A. Bakker, S. van der Zwaag
Fracture behaviour of polypropylene copolymers - influence of interparticle distance and temperature PDF
W. Grellmann, G. H. Michler, S. Seidler, K. Jung, I. Kotter, M. Gahleitner, J. Fiebig