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General Papers

Defect induced structural transitions, instability and plastic strain localization in dynamically loaded metals PDF
Mikhail Sokovikov, V.V. Chudinov, Sergey Uvarov, Oleg Plekhov, Elena Lyapunova, Oleg Naimark
Fractal Lows for Spatial and Temporal Variables of Brittle Fragmentation PDF
Marina Davydova, Sergey Uvarov
Incubation Time Criterion in Problems of Spall Fracture PDF
Ivan Smirnov, Alexander Utkin
Migration of pores as a mechanism of systems of high porosity bands formation in the unconsolidated sedimentary rocks PDF
Shamil Mukhamediev, D.A. Ul’kin
Molecular dynamics simulation of nanocluster deposition on the metal substrate PDF
Andrey Utkin, Igor Golovnev, Vasily Fomin
On influence of substrate compliance on delamination and buckling of coatings PDF
Konstantin Ustinov
Reliability and Robustness of Wheelchairs under Impact Loading PDF
A. Mimaroglu, I. K. Yilmazcoban, H. Unal, M. Elmas
Scaling in the Mechanoluminescence of Shocked Quarz Rods PDF
Sergey Uvarov, Marina Davydova