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General Papers

Analytical Solution of the Crack Problem for the Inhomogeneous Materials Taking into Account the Independent Changes, as the Elastic modulus and Poisson's ratio PDF
Irina Trubchik, Sergey Aizikovich, Leonid Krenev
Applicability of a FIB-notch as a Small Initial Crack for Fatigue Limit Evaluation PDF
Junji Sakamoto, Yoshimasa Takahashi, Hiroshi Noguchi
Aspect ratio evolution in corrosion-fatigue cracking of high strength steel bars PDF
Jesus Toribio, J.C. Matos, B. González, J. Escuadra
Characteristics degradation of gas transmission pipeline steel welded joints due to long-term operation PDF
Olha Zvirko, O.T. Tsyrul’nyk, V.A. Voloshyn
Chessboard-like buckling modes of plates on elastic foundation PDF
Stanislava Kashtanova, Nikita Fedorovich Morozov, Petr Evgen'evich Tovstik
Crack propagation engineering model: stress intensity dependence of crack growth rate in hydrogen embrittlement material PDF
Pavel Tarakanov, Georgy Shashurin
Damage accumulation in mild steel under mode I, mode II and mixed mode I-II loading conditions PDF
Luidmila Botvina, Alexey Soldatenkov, Marat Tyutin
Development of a FE-based fracture mechanical method for fatigue life assessment of double-submerged welded pipelines considering residual stresses and local microstructures PDF
Bernd Maier, B. Oberwinkler, R. Tichy, W. Ecker
Dramatic rock embrittlement by rising confining stress at triaxial compression; experimental results, brittleness criteria, embrittlement mechanism. PDF
Boris Tarasov
Effect of triaxial stress state produced by notches on the directionality of hydrogen diffusion PDF
Jesus Toribio, D. Vergara, M. Lorenzo, V. Kharin
Evaluation of the Cumulative Fatigue Damage on the Spot Welded Joints using 590 MPa-class Steel under Random Loading Conditions PDF
Ryota Tanegashima, Hiroyuki Akebono, Masahiko Kato, Atsushi Sugeta
Experimental and numerical investigation of steel fiber reinforced concrete fracture PDF
Sergejs Tarasovs, Edmunds Z?le, Vitauts Tamužs
Failure criteria for single crystal alloys of gas turbine blades under static and thermocycling loading PDF
Leonid Getsov, A. Semenov, E. Tikhomirova, A. Rybnikov
Fatigue behavior of dissimilar and weathered riveted joints of hybrid fiber-metal laminate PDF
Jose Tarpani, Felipe Teixeira, Roberto Oliveira
Fatigue Crack Propagation in Drawn Filled NiTiNol Wires for Medical Applications PDF
Stepan Major, P. Vlach, P. Trudi?
Fractographic aspects of al-alloy-sicp metal matrix composite subjected to static, dynamic and cyclic mechanical loading PDF
Jose Tarpani, Omar Maluf, Jeferson Oliveira, Bruno Seraphim
Fracture Detection by Electro-Ultrasonic Spectroscopy PDF
Pavel Tofel, Tomas Trcka
Fracture of thin coatings based on multi-component oxides in friction contact PDF
Elena Torskaya, Alexey Morozov, Alexey Mezrin, Boris Sachek, Vyacheslav Sakharov, Nikolay Frolov
Hydrogen Gas Effects on the Fatigue Crack Growth Behavior of Cr-Mo Steel CT Specimen in Extremely Low Rate Range PDF
Koki Tazoe, Yasuji Oda, Hiroshi Noguchi
Influence of Corrosion Pits on the Fatigue Limit of 12% Cr Steam Turbine Blade Steel PDF
Bernd Schoenbauer, Stefanie Tschegg, Neville Rieger, Ronald Salzman, David Gandy
Influence of Graphite Morphology on the Fatigue Behaviour of Nodular Cast Iron PDF
Predrag Canzar, Zdenko Tonkovic, Ante Baki?, Janos Kodvanj
Influence of sudden load changes on the fatigue crack propagation in cold drawn prestressing steel PDF
Jesus Toribio, B. González, J.C. Matos, F. Ayaso
Influence of the inlet die angle on the hydrogen embrittlement of cold drawn prestressing wires PDF
Jesus Toribio, M. Lorenzo, D. Vergara, V. Kharin
Infrared study of strain energy dissipation process in the fatigue crack tip PDF
Mikhail Bannikov, Alain Terekhina, Oleg Plekhov, Oleg Naimark
Materials and Environmental Circumstance: And All is Always Now PDF
Jesus Toribio
Modelling of wear and contact fatigue in friction interaction PDF
Irina Goryacheva, Elena Torskaya
Nontouch experimental method for recording and measuring of fracture under high temperature PDF
Aleksandr Lokoshchenko, Walentin Teraud
On applicability of Hall-Petch law in metals PDF
Olga Ignatova, Andru Malyshev, D. Petrova, V. Raevsky, M. Tkachenko
Phase transformations and spall fractures of high-purity cerium under explosive loading PDF
Evgeny Kozlov, V. Tarzhanov, I. Telichko, D.G. Pankratov, G. Gray, M. Zocher
Solar cell structure defects and cracks PDF
Pavel Škarvada, Pavel Tomnek, Dinara Dallaeva
Sound Velocities and Shear Strength of Shocked U within 10-250 GPa PDF
Evgeny Kozlov, D.G. Pankratov, O.V. Tkachyov, A.K. Yakunin
Surface Crack Growth Under Three Point Bend And Tension Conditions PDF
Valery Shlyannikov, Andrey Tumanov
The interrelation between statistical distributions of impact toughness and fracture mechanisms PDF
Luidmila Botvina, Yulia Demina, Marat Tyutin, Alexander Arsenkin
The modelling of splitting destruction of barriers from anisotropic materials in 3D PDF
Marina Krivosheina, Maria Kozlova, Helen Tuch, Sergey Kobenko
The stress intensity factor Green’s function for a crack interacting with a dislocation PDF
S. Teyar, Mohamed Chabaat
Use of Electromagnetic and Acoustic Emission in Failure Monitoring of Cementitious Composites PDF
Tomas Trcka, Bohumil Koktavy