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General Papers

A Critical Study of an Alternative Method to Measure Cohesive Properties of Adhesive Layers PDF
Anders Biel, Ulf Stigh, Tomas Walander
A theoretical model to describe the influence of material microstructure on fatigue crack propagation PDF
Roberto Brighenti, Andrea Carpinteri, Andrea Spagnoli
Acoustic and Magnetoacoustic Emission during Deformation of Steel PDF
Bohdan Klym, Valentin Skalsky, Roman Basarab, Sviatoslav Hirnyj
Adequate Measurement of Force, Displacement and Crack Initiation in Dynamic Fracture Mechanics Experiments PDF
Wolfram Baer
An evaluation of the temperature dependence of cohesive properties for two structural epoxy adhesives PDF
Tomas Walander, Anders Biel, Ulf Stigh
Analytical and experimental determination of the fracture toughness by means of Small Punch Test specimens notched with a femtolaser PDF
Inés Peñuelas, Cristina Rodríguez, Javier Belzunce, C. Betegón
Assessment of Fracture Mechanical Characteristics Including Welding Residual Stress at the Weld of Ni base Super Alloy 617 PDF
Young Su Park, Tae Kyun Kim, Dong Ho Bae
Calculation of pressure at nonequilibrium volumetric absorption of ionizing radiation by a heterogeneous material having a collapsing disperse filler and the porous binder PDF
Vladimir Bakulin, Afanasy Ostrik
Crack Growth Resistance of Steel of the Main Circulating Pipeline of Nuclear Power Plant Cooling Contour PDF
Leonid Sosnovskiy, Alexander Bogdanovich, Sergei Sherbakov
Crack propagation in a stiffener-to-deckplate connection of an orthotropic steel bridge deck PDF
Wim Nagy, Hans De Backer, Philippe Van Bogaert
Cyclic Elasto-Plastic Fracture Diagram as Applied to a Specimen with Crack PDF
Leonid Sosnovskiy, Alexander Bogdanovich, Sergei Sherbakov
Damage accumulation in mild steel under mode I, mode II and mixed mode I-II loading conditions PDF
Luidmila Botvina, Alexey Soldatenkov, Marat Tyutin
Defect induced scaling in gigacycle fatigue PDF
Vladimir Oborin, Mikhail Bannikov, Oleg Naimark, Thierry Palin-Luc
Deformation and fracture in the layer of geomaterial under shear foundation PDF
Yurii Stefanov, Rustam Bakeyev
Determining Local Crack Growth Rates for Small Cracks in a graded ferritic martensitic steel PDF
Tobias Sebastian Stein, S. Wagener, F. Zeismann, Angelika Brueckner-Foit
Durability Assessment of Welded Dissimilar Pipes with Corrosion Defects Based on Different Failure Criteria PDF
Orest Bilyy
Durability estimations for in-service titanium compressor disks subjected to multiaxial cyclic loads in low- and very-high-cycle fatigue regimes PDF
Nikolay Burago, Ilya Nikitin, Andrey Shanyavskiy, Aleksey Zhuravlev
Dynamic Fracture of Asphalt as a Result of Automobile Tire Studs impacts PDF
Vladimir Bratov, Yuri Petrov
Effect of hydrogen on plastic strain localization and failure in single crystals of austenitic stainless steel PDF
Lev Zuev, Svetlana Barannikova
Electric fields emitted by fracture of glass or polyethylene fibers PDF
E.A. Devyatkin, I.V. Simonov, A.A. Sirotin, Yu.K. Bivin, Kirill Osipenko
Electromagnetic effects in loaded marble PDF
Alexander Zakupin, Virginia Mubassarova, Boris Borovsky, G.S. Kachesova
Evaluation of the fatigue strength of multiphase pump components under corrosive conditions using a short crack fracture mechanics approach PDF
Jochen Hoehbusch, Sebastian Bucher, Henning Haensel, Jan Scholten
Experimental Fracture Assessment Diagram by Ultimate Crack Resistance PDF
Evgeny Morozov, M. Zakharov, A. Bulatova
Failure precursors in rocks and concrete PDF
Gianni Niccolini, Oscar Borla, Giuseppe Lacidogna, Alessandro Schiavi, Alberto Carpinteri
Fatigue behavior of the titanium alloy Ti-6Al-4Mo in bifurcation area at 20 kHz PDF
Alexander Nikitin, Andrey Shanyavskiy, Thierry Palin-Luc, Claude Bathias
Fatigue crack growth behavior of patched and unpatched structures PDF
Mustapha Benachour, N. Benachour, M. Benguediab
Fatigue damaging analysis of a glass/polyester composite with acoustic emission PDF
Mourad Benantar, M.A. Belouchrani, Z. Aboura
Fatigue fracture estimation of ductile structural steels PDF
Denys Rudavskyy, Valentin Skalsky, Roman Basarab
Finite element modelling and damage evaluation of air plasma sprayed thermal barrier coatings PDF
Håkan Brodin, Robert Eriksson, Xin-Hai Li, Lars Östergren, Sten Johansson, Sören Sjöström
Fracture of adhesive layers in mode II PDF
Ulf Stigh, Anders Biel, Tomas Walander
Fracture of constructional materials with HVOF covering at dynamic loads PDF
Pavel Radchenko, Andrey Radchenko, Ruslan Balokhonov
Fracture of corrosion protective layers: investigation by indentation test PDF
Gabriella Bolzon, Giovanna Gabetta, Aram Cornaggia
Gradient effects in fracture mechanics for nano-structured materials. PDF
Petr Belov, Sergey Lurie
Gradient theory of mechanics of solids: fields of defects and damage modeling. PDF
Sergey Lurie, Petr Belov
Influence of Graphite Morphology on the Fatigue Behaviour of Nodular Cast Iron PDF
Predrag Canzar, Zdenko Tonkovic, Ante Baki?, Janos Kodvanj
Influence of intermediate post-weld heat treatments on the fracture toughness of Cr-Mo-V steel welds PDF
Tomás Eduardo García Suárez, Cristina Rodríguez, Javier Belzunce
Influence of Overloads on the crack formation and propagation in EN AW 7475-T761 PDF
Jürgen Bär, Gero Wilhelm
Infrared study of strain energy dissipation process in the fatigue crack tip PDF
Mikhail Bannikov, Alain Terekhina, Oleg Plekhov, Oleg Naimark
Investigation of Irradiation Creep of Steels and Alloys in Experiments with Gas-Pressurized Specimens in BOR-60 Reactor PDF
Victor Neustroev, S.V. Belozerov, Ye.I. Makarov
Investigation of the conditions of strong compact fracture PDF
Andrey Buzyurkin, Evgeny Kraus, Yaroslav Lukyanov
Investigation of the in-depth growth of micro cracks in ferritic-martensitic dual-phase steel PDF
Pascal Pitz, Lisa Zellmer, Angelika Brueckner-Foit
Low and high neutron energy for damage detection by chemical composition analysis and residual stress measurements PDF
Alba Zanini, Oscar Borla
Mechanisms of deformation and fracture in coated materials. Multiscale numerical simulation PDF
Ruslan Balokhonov, Varvara Romanova, Siegfried Schmauder, Eugen Schwab
Micro-cantilever Testing to Evaluate the Mechanical Properties of Thermal Barrier Coatings PDF
Dong Liu, James Brown, Peter Flewitt
Molecular dynamics simulation of thin films deformation PDF
Alexey Bolesta, Vasily Fomin
Molecular Mechanics Simulation of Buckling of Single-Walled Carbon Nanotubes PDF
Sergey Korobeynikov, Vladimir Alyokhin, Alexey Babichev
New insight into the fatigue-atmospheric corrosion process of A1N steel for railway axles PDF
Stefano Beretta, Antonietta Lo Conte
New micromechanism of fracture in polymeric composites materials PDF
E. Kablov, V. Litvinov, Ivan Deev, Petr Belov, L. Kobetz
Non-destructive Characterization of Micro-sized Defects in the Solar Cell Structure PDF
Nadezda Bogatyreva, Robert Macku
Numerical simulation of plasticity and failure of solids with defects under dynamic loading PDF
Yuriy Bayandin, Nataliya Savelyeva, Oleg Naimark
Numerical Simulation of the Mesoscale Fatigue Crack Propagation in WC/Co under Plane Stress Conditions PDF
Utku Ahmet Özden, Alexander Bezold, Christoph Broeckmann
On the estimation of fatigue crack growth in a contaminated H2S environment by interrupted cyclic tests PDF
Paolo Bortot, Stefano Beretta
Piezonuclear evidences from laboratory tests on steel PDF
Stefano Invernizzi, Oscar Borla, Giuseppe Lacidogna, Amedeo Manuello Bertetto, Alberto Carpinteri
Piezonuclear Reactions during Mechanical Tests of Basalt and Magnetite PDF
Amedeo Manuello Bertetto, Riccardo Sandrone, S. Guastella, Oscar Borla, Giuseppe Lacidogna, Alberto Carpinteri
Piezonuclear reactions produced by brittle fracture: From laboratory to planetary scale PDF
Alberto Carpinteri, Oscar Borla, Giuseppe Lacidogna, Amedeo Manuello Bertetto
Potential drop technique for bifurcated fatigue crack growth, limitations and comparison with optical methods. PDF
Robin Degeilh, Vincent Bonnand, Didier Pacou
Prediction of the neutron irradiation effect on the creep-rupture properties on the basis of physical-and-mechanical modeling of fracture process PDF
Boris Margolin, Alexander Gulenko, Andrey Buchatsky
Strength analysis of structures made of high-filled polymer materials: constitutive equations, methods of boundary value problems solving, account for strain concentration PDF
Dmitriy Bykov, Dmitriy Konovalov, Vladimir Peleshko
Structural Integrity Assessment of Thick Wall Pipes under Biaxial Loading PDF
Diya zohdi ratib Arafah, Mauro Madia, Stefano Beretta, Mihaela Cristea
System MAE-1L for Magnetoacoustic Emission Diagnostics of Structural Materials PDF
Yevhen Pochapskyy, Sviatoslav Hirnyj, Bohdan Klym, Valentin Skalsky, Sergey Builo
The Block Element Method for a Block Structure PDF
Vladimir Babeshko, O.V. Evdokimova, O.M. Babeshko
The effect of roll-forming onto fatigue life of railway axles PDF
Daniele Regazzi, Stefano Beretta, Michele Carboni
The experimental and numerical study of elastic-plastic deformation processes, limit states and failure of the structure elements of under the monotonic static and dynamic loading PDF
Valentin Bazhenov, Alexander Kibets, Sergey Osetrov, Elena Pavlyonkova, Anastasiya Artemyeva
The Influence of Substrate Material on the Thermal Cycling Fatigue Life of Thermal Barrier Coating Systems PDF
Robert Eriksson, Håkan Brodin, Sten Johansson, Lars Östergren, Xin-Hai Li
The interrelation between statistical distributions of impact toughness and fracture mechanisms PDF
Luidmila Botvina, Yulia Demina, Marat Tyutin, Alexander Arsenkin
The phenomenon of neutron emission from earthquakes PDF
Oscar Borla, Giuseppe Lacidogna, Alba Zanini, Alberto Carpinteri
The Philosophy of Constraint Correction by the Global Approach PDF
Hadj Meliani Mohammed, Z. Azari, Guy Pluvinage, Yury Matvienko, Taoufik Boukharouba
Time correlation between different forms of energy emitted from rocks under compression PDF
Giuseppe Lacidogna, Oscar Borla, Gianni Niccolini, Alberto Carpinteri
Use of Cohesive Elements for the Simulation of Crack Extension PDF
Wolfgang Brocks