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General Papers

Analytical and Numerical Modeling of Curvilinear Crack Approaching a Bi-material Interface at Arbitrary Angle PDF
Andrey Andreev, Amin Aminian
Analytical Solution of the Crack Problem for the Inhomogeneous Materials Taking into Account the Independent Changes, as the Elastic modulus and Poisson's ratio PDF
Irina Trubchik, Sergey Aizikovich, Leonid Krenev
Comparison of the Size-Independent Fracture Energy of Concrete Obtained by Two Main Experimental Methods PDF
Hector Cifuentes, Maria Alcalde, Fernando Medina
Damage Evolution in Pure Bending of Viscoplastic Sheets PDF
Sergei Alexandrov, Lihui Lang
Damage extension and failure of polyurethane foams through bands of deformation PDF
Dragos-Alexandru Apostol, Dan Mihai Constantinescu, Emanoil Linul, Liviu Marsavina
Damaged welded pipes for oil and gas rigs exposed to internal pressure - failure estimation PDF
Marko Rakin, Miodrag Arsi?, Živ?e Šarko?evi?, Bojan Medjo, Aleksandar Sedmak
Delamination of the Soft Coatings of Complicated Structure from the Hard Substrate Caused by Torsion or Indentation PDF
Sergey Aizikovich, Leonid Krenev, Andrey Vasiliev, Sergey Volkov
Dependence of microtextural orientation on applied fatigue loading in shot-peened aluminium PDF
David Asquith, Andrew Wilson, S. Hasan
Development of a discrete element approach for numerical study of features of fracture of composites with multiscale internal structure PDF
Sergey Psakhie, Evgeny Shilko, Vladimir Ovcharenko, Sergey Astafurov
Development of a formalism of discrete element method for numerical modeling of fracture of heterogeneous elastic-plastic materials PDF
Evgeny Shilko, Sergey Psakhie, Alexey Smolin, Sergey Astafurov
Effect of corrosion exposure on the tensile mechanical properties of aluminum alloy 2024 electron beam welds PDF
Nikolaos Alexopoulos, Panagiotis Skarvelis, Stavros Kalogeropoulos, Alexandra Karanika, Vasilis Stergiou
Effect of Microstructure on the Fracture Toughness of Polycrstalline Diamond and Polycrystalline Cubic Boron Nitride PDF
Declan Carolan, Declan McNamara, Patricia Alveen, Neal Murphy, Alojz Ivankovic
Evaluation of the Cumulative Fatigue Damage on the Spot Welded Joints using 590 MPa-class Steel under Random Loading Conditions PDF
Ryota Tanegashima, Hiroyuki Akebono, Masahiko Kato, Atsushi Sugeta
Experimental and numerical study of Fracture mechanisms in UO2 nuclear fuel PDF
Jean-Marie Gatt, J. Sercombe, I. Aubrun, J-C. Ménard
Fatigue damaging analysis of a glass/polyester composite with acoustic emission PDF
Mourad Benantar, M.A. Belouchrani, Z. Aboura
Finite Element Analysis on Burst Pressure of Defective Steel Pipes PDF
Norhaida Ab Razak, Nasrul Azuan Alang, Ahmad Syahrizan Sulaiman
Influence of sudden load changes on the fatigue crack propagation in cold drawn prestressing steel PDF
Jesus Toribio, B. González, J.C. Matos, F. Ayaso
Investigation of Mixed Mode Fracture in Marble by Using Two Different Test Configurations PDF
Majid R. Ayatollahi, J. Akbardoost
Investigation of peculiarities fracture and dilatancy processes during constrained shear deformation of block-structured geological media PDF
Sergey Astafurov, Evgeny Shilko, Sergey Psakhie
Modelling of Penny-Shaped Crack growth in Axisymmetric FGM with Residual Stresses PDF
Alexander Galybin, Leonid Krenev, Sergey Aizikovich
Molecular Mechanics Simulation of Buckling of Single-Walled Carbon Nanotubes PDF
Sergey Korobeynikov, Vladimir Alyokhin, Alexey Babichev
Nonlinear eigenvalue problems arising from nonlinear fracture mechanics analysis PDF
Ekaterina Adylina, Larisa Stepanova
On fracture toughness of polyurethane foams PDF
Liviu Marsavina, Emanoil Linul, Tomasz Sadowski, Dan Mihai Constantinescu, Marcin Knec, Dragos-Alexandru Apostol
On the characteristic lengths used in notch fracture mechanics PDF
Guy Pluvinage, J. Capelle, Z. Azari
On the failure of anisotropic materials: physical or mathematical? PDF
Nikos Andrianopoulos, Ioannis Dernikas
On the Strengthening of Structural Concrete Beams with Polymeric Fibers PDF
Itamar Freitas, Katia Allende, Fathi Darwish, Marcos Pereira
Plastic Collapse of a Thin Annular Disk of Variable Thickness Subject to Thermo-Mechanical Loading PDF
Elena Lyamina, Sergei Alexandrov, Yeau-Ren Jeng
Reactor pressure Vessel Steel Embrittlement Under the combined Action of Neutron Field and Hydrogen PDF
Evgeny Krasikov, A.D. Amajev
Real and Virtual Fracture Tests on Welding Lines of Injection Molded Short Fiber Reinforced Polymers PDF
Zoltan Major, M. Miron, M. Reiter, T. Adachi
Shakedown of thin disks subject to thermo-mechanical loading PDF
Chinh Pham, Sergei Alexandrov
Structural Integrity Assessment of Thick Wall Pipes under Biaxial Loading PDF
Diya zohdi ratib Arafah, Mauro Madia, Stefano Beretta, Mihaela Cristea
The Effect of Ferrite Embrittlement in Duplex Steel on Fatigue Crack Propagation from the Low (LCF) to the Very High Cycle Fatigue (VHCF) Regime PDF
Maria Cecilia Marinelli, Alexander Giertler, Jitendra Sahu, Iris Alvarez, Ulrich Krupp
The Effects of Notch Radius on the Master Failure Curve of the SENB Specimens PDF
Hadj Meliani Mohammed, Z. Azari, Guy Pluvinage, Yury Matvienko
The experimental and numerical study of elastic-plastic deformation processes, limit states and failure of the structure elements of under the monotonic static and dynamic loading PDF
Valentin Bazhenov, Alexander Kibets, Sergey Osetrov, Elena Pavlyonkova, Anastasiya Artemyeva
The interrelation between statistical distributions of impact toughness and fracture mechanisms PDF
Luidmila Botvina, Yulia Demina, Marat Tyutin, Alexander Arsenkin
The Philosophy of Constraint Correction by the Global Approach PDF
Hadj Meliani Mohammed, Z. Azari, Guy Pluvinage, Yury Matvienko, Taoufik Boukharouba
Three-dimensional modeling of plasticity-induced crack closure in a 304L stainless steel: influence of crack length and crack shape PDF
Catherine Gardin, Kokleang Vor, Mandana Arzaghi, Christine Sarrazin-Baudoux, Jean Petit
Use of Non-Axisymmetric Specimens in Upsetting for Determining the Workability Diagram PDF
Dragisa Vilotic, Sergei Alexandrov, Miroslav Plancak, Aljosa Ivanisevic