Digital Repository, ECF14, Cracow 2002

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Some Remarks on Low Cycle Fatigue Testing and Evaluation Procedures

Last modified: 2013-02-10


One of the basic design parameter of the engineering structures areoperating at high temperatures under cyclic loading conditions is the low-cycle-fatigue(LCF) properties of the materials. These parameters can be determined in experimentalways. Two types of experiments are widely used, i.e. the soft type or the stiff type loadingconditions. In the case of soft type loading condition the load amplitude is constant duringthe test in the stiff type condition the strain amplitude is constant. This last testingprocedure can be performed with either constant axial or constant diametrical strainamplitude. The paper emphasises the advantage of the diametrical strain controlled testingprocedure performed on the hour glass specimens.

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