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Simulation of Multiaxial Service Loading with a View to Fatigue Life Prediction

Last modified: 2013-02-10


Service loading must be usually considered as a stochastic process. In orderto evaluate a fatigue damage under such a loading, the cumulative damage representationover closed cycles is accepted. Therefore, the method of loading process simulation mustguarantee all statistical process characteristics (probability density, power spectraldensity), discontinuous events occurrence (operating manoeuvres, shock and impacteffects), as well as complete loading history with respect to the closed cycles series.Moreover, in the case of multiaxial loading , we must respect cross-correlated parametersand mutual dependence of discrete random events. In the paper, the algorithm of multiaxialloading simulation is presented. The method allows continuous monitoring of the damagingprocess, so that a fatigue life prediction of structure components under complex loadingwill be more accurate and effective.

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