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General Papers

003 Under cyclic loading, plastic dissipation in heat at the crack tip modifies the stress intensity factor PDF
N. Ranc, T. Palin-Luc, P. C. Paris, N. Saintier
006 Fatigue Fractal Crack Propagating in a Self-Balanced Microstress Field PDF
Andrea Carpinteri, Lorenzo Montanari, Andrea Spagnoli
007 High-Cycle Fatigue in a Hydraulic Turbine Runner PDF
Andrea Carpinteri, Cristian Bagni, Daniela Scorza, Sabrina Vantadori
009 Crack Paths in Unidirectional Fibre-Reinforced Brittle-Matrix Materials through Two Computational Models PDF
Roberto Brighenti, Andrea Carpinteri, Andrea Spagnoli and Daniela Scorza
019 Crack Path for In-service Subsurface Fatigued Turbine Blades PDF
A. A. Shanyavskiy
026 Crack path prediction in layered ceramics designed with residual stresses PDF
O. Ševecek, R. Bermejo, M. Kotoul
027 Fatigue cracking in bifurcation area of titanium alloy at 20 kHz PDF
A. Nikitin, A. Shanyavskiy, T. Palin-Luc, C. Bathias
033 Crack initiation and path prediction of float glass with various constrain conditions under thermal loading PDF
Q. S. Wang, Y. Wang, J. H. Sun, L. H. He
035 Observation of Fatigue Crack Propagation Mode Transition under Cyclic Torsion Using Micro-CT Imaging with Ultra-Bright Synchrotron Radiation PDF
Y. Nakai, D. Shiozawa, T. Murakami, H. Nosho
044 Crack paths propagation under Mode II fracture in concrete composites containing fly-ash additive PDF
G. L. Golewski, P. Golewski, T. Sadowski
045 Strength Degradation Analysis of an Aging RC Girder Bridge Due to Existing Cracks PDF
Jianhong Wang, Zihai Shi, Masaaki Nakano
047 A statistical evaluation of micro-crack initiation and growth in thermally cut structural elements PDF
M. Šori, S. Glodež, U. Fevžer
048 LEFM-based simulation of fatigue crack growth under nonproportional mixed-mode loading PDF
Ying Yang, Michael Vormwald, Andrea Spagnoli
050 Direction of the Maximum Variance of the Resolved Shear Stress and Orientation of Stage I Crack Paths PDF
L. Susmel, R. Tovo, Yuebibg Li, Zengliang Gao
053 The effect of residual stresses on crack shape in polymer pipes PDF
P. Hutar, M. Ševcík, M. Zouhar, L. Náhlík, J. Kucera
060 New Box-Counting Method as Interpretation of Crack Paths and Mechanical Properties of Concrete with Interface Layer PDF
A. Satoh, K. Yamada, T. Homma, S. Ishiyama
062 Experimental and Numerical Sub-Interface Crack Paths PDF
L. Marsavina, T. Sadowski, M. Knec
063 On the calculation of crack paths in 3-dimensional anisotropic solids PDF
M. Steigemann, B. Schramm, M. Specovius-Neugebauer, H.A. Richard
065 Small Crack Growth Path and Rate under Combined Stresses PDF
N. Shamsaei, A. Fatemi, Leonid Krenev
066 Validation of the numerical stress intensity factor calculation of surface cracks using crack propagation experiments PDF
J. Lebahn, H. Heyer, M. Sander
071 Evaluation of rolling contact fatigue crack path of high strength steel with artificial defects PDF
T. Makino, Y. Neishi, D. Shiozawa, Y. Fukuda, Y. Nakai
Cracking of Nanofilm-based Devices for Electrochemical Energetics PDF
B. Bozzini, M. Boniardi, A. Gianoncelli, B. Kaulich, C. Mele, M. Prasciolu, G. Scarselli, M. Kiskinova
074 Crack repairing in AA2099 by Cu electrodeposition (ECD) PDF
Benedetto Bozzini, Pasquale Cavaliere, Claudio Mele, Ivonne Sgura
078 Influence Of Hydrogen Environment On Crack Growth Rate PDF
L. Vergani, C. Colombo, A. Sciuccati
079 Variable T-stress and its implication for crack path PDF
V. N. Shlyannikov, Ioannis Dernikas
081 Mode-II and Mode-III Effects of Cyclic Crack Propagation in Specimens PDF
G. Dhondt, M. Schrade, Xin-Hai Li, Lars Östergren, Sten Johansson, Sören Sjöström
087 Some Problems of Fatigue Crack Propagation in Marine Structures under Seaway Loading PDF
Y. Sumi
102 Mixed Mode Crack Growth for Titanium Alloy in Specimen Various Geometries PDF
V.N. Shlyannikov
104 Determination of the cast structure parameter on the basis of micro-segregation analysis PDF
J. Dobrovská, F. Kavicka, K. Stránský, V. Dobrovská
105 Crack paths near the interface between anisotropic solids PDF
M. Specovius-Neugebauer, M. Steigemann, S. A. Nazarov, H.A. Richard
111 Recent developments in textural fractography of fatigue fractures PDF
H. Lauschmann, Z. Sekerešová, F. Šiška, Yury Matvienko, Taoufik Boukharouba
113 Experimental and Numerical Study on Mixed Mode I/II Fatigue Crack Growth in Planar Specimens PDF
I. Varfolomeev, M. Burdack, S. Moroz, D. Siegele, K. Kadau
115 Growth and interaction of high temperature fatigue cracks nucleated from multiple holes under small or large scale yielding PDF
Flora Salgado, Alain Köster, Vincent Maurel, Luc Rémy
Optical and Infrared Vision Non-Destructive Techniques: Integration as a means for the Defects Detection on Impacted Composite Materials PDF
A. Bendada, S. Sfarra, M. Genest, D. Paoletti, S. Rott, E. Talmy, C. Ibarra-Castanedo, X. Maldague
117 Experimental investigations on mixed-mode-loaded cracks PDF
H. A. Richard, N.-H. Schirmeisen, A. Eberlein
121 Comparative study of crack path evolution under bending fatigue strain of two corrosion resistant materials PDF
Hamid Sedjal, Fatah Hellal
122 Approximate modelling approaches for estimating the parameters of fatigue PDF
T. Ait Saadi, D. Fournier, A. Berred, B. Sadeg, B. Ait Saadi
128 Characteristics of Crack Interior Initiation and Early Growth Originated from Inclusion for Very-High-Cycle Fatigue of High Strength Steels PDF
Youshi Hong, Zhengqiang Lei, Chengqi Sun, Aiguo Zhao
135 Numerical Simulation of Fatigue Crack Growth in Heterogeneous Material PDF
Masanori Kikuchi, Yoshitaka Wada, Kazuhiro Suga, Yulong Li, Elena Lyapunova, Oleg Naimark
142 An experimental investigation on crack paths and fatigue behaviour of riveted lap joints in aircraft fuselage PDF
A. Skorupa, M. Skorupa, T. Machniewicz, A. Korbel
147 Size Effect in the Damage Behaviour of Short Fibre Reinforced Composites PDF
I. Scheider, T. Xiao, N. Huber, J. Mosler
148 Crack orientation in a complete contact fretting-fatigue problem PDF
E. Giner*, M. Sabsabi, P. Dasí, F. J. Fuenmayor, N Herzig
149 Where is the stretch zone? – 3D SEM – a powerful tool to analyze fracture PDF
S. Henkel, A. Weidner, T. Mottitschka, C. Segel, H. Biermann
151 Crack propagation in railway wheel rim in a case of rectilinear ride PDF
P. Navratil, P. Skalka, P. Damborsky, M. Kotoul
154 An understanding of crack growth in VHCF from an internal inclusion in high strength steel PDF
Chong Wang, Alexander Nikitin, Andrey Shanyavskiy, Claude Bathias, Petr Frantík, Zbyn?k Keršner
155 Effect of Ultrasonic Peening on Initiation and Propagation of Fatigue Cracks in Welded Elements PDF
Y. Kudryavtsev, J. Kleiman, V. Knysh, S. Solovei
166 Determination of crack propagation direction using approach based on generalized linear elastic fracture PDF
L. Náhlík, P. Hutar, M. Ševcík, L. Šestáková
167 Low cycle fatigue of pseudoelastic NiTi alloys PDF
C. Maletta, E. Sgambitterra, F. Furgiuele, R. Casati, A. Tuissi
u012 Growth of a Doubly Periodic Array of Fatigue Cracks in Anisotropic Elastic Medium PDF
V. Bozhydarnyk, H. Sulym, Ia. Pasternak
u013 Crack Propagation in a Composite Laminated Plate under Bending PDF
Viktor Bozhydarnyk, Vasyl Shvabyuk, Iaroslav Pasternak, Volodymyr Shvabyuk