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General Papers

014 Microstructural influences on crack initiation and growth in an equiatomic NiTi PE alloy PDF
F. Iacoviello, V. Di Cocco, S. Natali
015 Sn and Ti influence in bending cracks path in hot dip galvanizing coatings PDF
V. Di Cocco, F. Iacoviello, S. Natali, L. Zortea
027 Fatigue cracking in bifurcation area of titanium alloy at 20 kHz PDF
A. Nikitin, A. Shanyavskiy, T. Palin-Luc, C. Bathias
029 Threshold Fatigue Crack Growth and Crack Paths in Heat-treated Nodular Cast Iron PDF
R. Konecná, G. Nicoletto, S. Fintová, L. Bubenko
035 Observation of Fatigue Crack Propagation Mode Transition under Cyclic Torsion Using Micro-CT Imaging with Ultra-Bright Synchrotron Radiation PDF
Y. Nakai, D. Shiozawa, T. Murakami, H. Nosho
045 Strength Degradation Analysis of an Aging RC Girder Bridge Due to Existing Cracks PDF
Jianhong Wang, Zihai Shi, Masaaki Nakano
053 The effect of residual stresses on crack shape in polymer pipes PDF
P. Hutar, M. Ševcík, M. Zouhar, L. Náhlík, J. Kucera
071 Evaluation of rolling contact fatigue crack path of high strength steel with artificial defects PDF
T. Makino, Y. Neishi, D. Shiozawa, Y. Fukuda, Y. Nakai
099 Fatigue crack initiation and early crack propagation in ultrafine-grained copper in high-cycle fatigue region PDF
L. Kunz1, P. Lukáš, L. Navrátilová
105 Crack paths near the interface between anisotropic solids PDF
M. Specovius-Neugebauer, M. Steigemann, S. A. Nazarov, H.A. Richard
123 Crack initiation direction for in-phase biaxial fatigue loading PDF
V. Chaves, C. Madrigal, C. Vallellano, A. Navarro
135 Numerical Simulation of Fatigue Crack Growth in Heterogeneous Material PDF
Masanori Kikuchi, Yoshitaka Wada, Kazuhiro Suga, Yulong Li, Elena Lyapunova, Oleg Naimark
151 Crack propagation in railway wheel rim in a case of rectilinear ride PDF
P. Navratil, P. Skalka, P. Damborsky, M. Kotoul
154 An understanding of crack growth in VHCF from an internal inclusion in high strength steel PDF
Chong Wang, Alexander Nikitin, Andrey Shanyavskiy, Claude Bathias, Petr Frantík, Zbyn?k Keršner
158 Crack Growth Evolution from a Notch PDF
C. Navarro, J. Vázquez and J. Domínguez, O.V. Tkachyov, A.K. Yakunin
166 Determination of crack propagation direction using approach based on generalized linear elastic fracture PDF
L. Náhlík, P. Hutar, M. Ševcík, L. Šestáková