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General Papers

002 Crazing, Crack Paths and Plastic Shielding in Fatigue of Polycarbonate PDF
M. N. James, Y Lu, C. J. Christopher, E. A. Patterson
046 Fatigue crack nucleation at a stress concentration point PDF
D. Leguillon, S. Murer, Yeau-Ren Jeng
081 Mode-II and Mode-III Effects of Cyclic Crack Propagation in Specimens PDF
G. Dhondt, M. Schrade, Xin-Hai Li, Lars Östergren, Sten Johansson, Sören Sjöström
094 Stress analysis around a through crack in a thin copper film using molecular dynamics PDF
D. Johansson, P. Hansson S. Melin
126 Evaluation of the Mode I Plastic Zone Size at the Crack Tip Using RKPM and FEM PDF
Masood Hajali, Caesar Abishdid, Sten Johansson, Johan Moverare