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General Papers

014 Microstructural influences on crack initiation and growth in an equiatomic NiTi PE alloy PDF
F. Iacoviello, V. Di Cocco, S. Natali
015 Sn and Ti influence in bending cracks path in hot dip galvanizing coatings PDF
V. Di Cocco, F. Iacoviello, S. Natali, L. Zortea
016 Analysis of fatigue damaging micromechanisms in a ferritic ductile iron PDF
V. Di Cocco, F. Iacoviello, A. Rossi
060 New Box-Counting Method as Interpretation of Crack Paths and Mechanical Properties of Concrete with Interface Layer PDF
A. Satoh, K. Yamada, T. Homma, S. Ishiyama
Optical and Infrared Vision Non-Destructive Techniques: Integration as a means for the Defects Detection on Impacted Composite Materials PDF
A. Bendada, S. Sfarra, M. Genest, D. Paoletti, S. Rott, E. Talmy, C. Ibarra-Castanedo, X. Maldague
156 On the crack path in a structure of non uniform stiffness PDF
M. Grasso, A. De Iorio, F. Penta, G.P. Pucillo