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General Papers

Measurement of ductile fracture evolution in sheet metal forming PDF
M. Sasso, M. M. Rossi, G. Chiappini, D. Amodio
Effect of isothermal heat treatments on Duplex Stainless Steels impact toughness PDF
I. Calliari, M. Breda, E. Ramous, M. Magrini, G. Straffelini
Shakedown in brittle-matrix fiber-reinforced cracked composite beams PDF
Andrea Spagnoli, Andrea Carpinteri, Lorenzo Montanari
Strength and fracture of TWIP steel dissimilar weld joints PDF
P. Russo Spena, P. Matteis, A. Sanchez, G. Scavino
Hydrogen effects on fatigue strength of a High Strength Low Alloy steel PDF
L. Bertini, G. Lovicu, C. Santus, R. Valentini
Experimental determination of compressive strength of an unidirectional composite lamina: indirect estimate by Using Back-out Factor (BF) PDF
M. Scafè, M. Labanti, A. Coglitore, G. Raiteri, R. Dlacic, E. Troiani, E. Besseghini, M. P. Falaschetti
On the fatigue assessment of plain and short fibre/particle reinforced concretes PDF
Luca Susmel
Modeling of smart concrete beams with Shape Memory Alloy actuators PDF
S. Malagisi, E. Sacco, S. Marfia, J. Toti
Application of the Virtual Fields Method to fracture mechanics PDF
M. Rossi, M. Fardmoshiri, M. Sasso, D. Amodio
Adhesion strength of adhesive bonded NiTi thin metal sheets PDF
A. Santoro, M. Alfano, C. Maletta, L. Bruno, S. Candamano
Creep crack initiation and growth in 12%Cr-steel turbine disks PDF
S. Foletti, A. Lo Conte, S. Salgarollo, F. Bassi, A. Riva
Complex damaging analysys: integrated approach among fractography and other disciplines of evaluation and investigation PDF
A. Scanavini, F. Papazzoni, D. Cassinera
Toughening of silicon carbide-based materials PDF
G. Magnani, A. Brentari, S. Galvagno, G. Sico
Weight function for corner crack nearby intersecting cylindrical holes Funzioni peso per cricche ad angolo in corrispondenza di intersezione di fori PDF
E. Salvati, P. Livieri, R. Tovo
FEM-DBEM coupled procedure for assessment of cracks in lateral supports of the magnet system of Wendelstein 7-X PDF
R. Citarella, M. Lepore, Joris Fellinger, Victor Bykov, Felix Schauer
Fatigue endurance of new high-strength car-body steels PDF
P. Matteis, G. Scavino, D. Firrao, R. Sesana, F. D’Aiuto