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General Papers

Simulation of fatigue debonding in adhesively bonded threedimensional joint geometries using a cohesive zone model approach PDF
F. Moroni, A. Pirondi, G. Giuliese
Fatigue damage evaluation of martensitic stainless steel by means of thermal methods PDF
U. Galietti, D. Palumbo, R. De Finis, F. Ancona
Fracture mechanics parameters evaluation using the digital image correlation technique: a first approach PDF
G. La Rosa, A. Marino, Cugno Garrano
A numerical model to evaluate the effect of hydrogen embrittlement on low-alloy steels PDF
L. Vergani, G. Gobbi, C. Colombo
Experimental measure and model validation of COD of cracked pipes under bending PDF
D. Gentile, N. Bonora, G. Iannitti
Mechanical characterization of basalt fibre reinforced plastic with different fabric reinforcements – Tensile tests and FE-calculations with representative volume elements (RVEs) PDF
Piergiorgio Valentino, Franco Furgiuele, Marco Romano, Ingo Ehrlich, Norbert Gebbeken
Application of Digital Image Correlation for the effect of glass fibres on the strength and strain to failure of polyamide plastics PDF
V. Crupi, E. Guglielmino, G. Risitano, F. Tavilla
Toughening of silicon carbide-based materials PDF
G. Magnani, A. Brentari, S. Galvagno, G. Sico
Interpolation model of fatigue crack propagation data PDF
M. Grasso, F. Penta, P. Pinto, G.P. Pucillo
Mixed mode fatigue crack growth in railway axles PDF
Marzio Grasso