Digital Repository, CONVEGNO IGF XXII ROMA 2013

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Weight function for corner crack nearby intersecting cylindrical holes Funzioni peso per cricche ad angolo in corrispondenza di intersezione di fori
E. Salvati, P. Livieri, R. Tovo

Last modified: 2013-06-27


Intersecting holes inside mechanical component, stressed with internal pressure, generate stress
intensification; this kind of geometry detail is very common in the powertrain field. Triangular flaws has been
taken into account at the intersection of two holes inside a specified specimen. Influence of bore hole D1/D2
and angle between their axes α are examined. Numerical analysis are performed to determine Stress Intensity
factors (SIF) in many geometric configurations. Afterwards, fitting weight function’s parameters with FEM
results, new SIF analytics expression are shown. Finally, the accuracy of weight functions in SIF predictions for
different inner pressure has been checked.

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