Digital Repository, CONVEGNO IGF XXII ROMA 2013

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Fatigue crack micromechanisms on a PE Zn-Cu-Al alloy
Vittorio Di Cocco, Francesco Iacoviello, Stefano Natali, Valerio Volpe, Francesco Maiolino

Last modified: 2013-06-27


Some Cu-Zn-Al alloy is able to exhibit an important feature: the Pseudo-Elastic behavior,
commonly defined as PE alloy. The PE effect is the result of a non-diffusion microstructure changing
characterized by a good reversibility at environmental temperature. Furthermore, the copper-based shape
memory alloys are preferred for their good memory properties and low cost of production.
In this work, fatigue crack propagation and microstructural fracture micromechanisms are analyzed in order to
identify microstructure influence on fatigue behavior of Cu-Zn-Al PE alloy.

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