Digital Repository, CONVEGNO IGF XXII ROMA 2013

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Shakedown in brittle-matrix fiber-reinforced cracked composite beams
Andrea Spagnoli, Andrea Carpinteri, Lorenzo Montanari

Last modified: 2013-06-27


The cracking behaviour of a composite beam with multiple reinforcing fibers under periodic
traction-flexure is analysed through a fracture mechanics-based model, where the edge-cracked beam section is
exposed to external loads and crack bridging reactions due to the fibers. Assuming a rigid-perfectly plastic
bridging law for the fibers and a linear-elastic law for the matrix, the statically indeterminate bridging forces are
obtained from compatibility conditions. Under general load paths, shakedown conditions are explored by
making use of the Melan’s theorem, here reformulated for the discrete problem under consideration, where the
crack opening displacement at the fiber level plays the role of the plastic strain in the counterpart problem of an
elastic-plastic solid. The limit of shakedown is determined through an optimization procedure based on a linear
programming technique.

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