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General Papers

3D model for the evaluation of multiaxial fracture behavior of reinforced concrete members PDF
R. Cerioni, P. Bernardi, E. Michelini, A. Mordini
3D shear-mode fatigue crack growth in maraging steel PDF
V. Doquet, Q.H. Bui, L. Alves, G. Bertolino
A biaxial endurance criterion developed within the linear elastic fracture mechanic frameworks PDF
R. de Moura Pinho, S. Pommier, C. Mary, A. Longuet, F. Vogel
A brief introduction to coiled springs as a power source PDF
Les P. Pook
A comparison of fatigue characteristics of structural steels measured by means of classical and miniature test samples PDF
J. Volak, V. Mentl
A damage mechanics approach to multiaxial fatigue PDF
Andrea Carpinteri, R. Brighenti, A. Spagnoli, S. Vantadori
A general multiaxial method to estimate the local elastic-plastic behavior from a purely elastic solution PDF
R.J. McDonald, D.F. Socie
A model for biaxial fatigue limits PDF
A. Navarro, C. Vallellano, V. Chaves, C. Madrigal
A multiaxial fatigue approach to estimate crack initiation and stress gradient effect in fretting PDF
R. Amargier, S. Fouvry, L. Chambon, C. Schwob, C. Poupon
A new solution for D crack extension based on linear elastic stress fields PDF
Y.H. Tai, M.W. Brown, J.R. Yates
A new test method for obtaining stable mode III crack growth under RCF condition PDF
S. Beretta, S. Foletti, M.G. Tarantino, K. Valiullin
A strain energy based criterion for multiaxial fatigue failure PDF
F. Ellyin
A strategy for the estimation of the fatigue life of notched components under random multiaxial fatigue PDF
G. Cailletaud, T. Herbland, B. Melnikov, A. Musienko, S. Quilici
A study of the stability of sharp notches in the orthotropic heterogeneous media PDF
T. Profant, J. Klusak, M. Kotoul
A study on notch fatigue based on multiaxial gradient dependent fatigue limit criterion PDF
M.G. Tarantino, S. Foletti, I.V. Papadopoulos
An alternative measure for the shear stress amplitude in critical plane based multiaxial fatigue models PDF
A.P. Dantas, J.A. Araujo, E.N. Mamiya, F.C. Comes, J.L.A. Ferreria
An energy-based fatigue model for wrought magnesium alloy under multiaxial load PDF
J. Albinmousa, H. Jahed, S. Lambert
An extrapolation method applied to a constitutive material model to recalculate creep fatigue experiments PDF
P. Wang, M. Lyschik, A. Scholz, C. Berger
Analytical and numerical modelling of the Swift effect in elastoplastic torsion PDF
L. Gambirasio, P. Chiodi, E. Rizzi
Assessment of critical defects in a PSA pressure vessel subjected to cyclical loading using BS- procedures PDF
H.M. Sant’Anna, M.F. Leal
BEM simulation and experimental test of a FML full scale aeronautic panel undergoing biaxial static and fatigue load PDF
E. Armentani, V. Ascione, R. Citarella, R. Sepe
Benefit of taking account of the yield-point phenomenon in a multiaxial constitutive model of cyclic plasticity PDF
A. Zerovnik, R. Kunc, I. Prebil
Biaxial fatigue of aluminum alloy 1100 PDF
E.U. Lee, R. Taylor
Cohesive zone model for the simulation of fatigue crack growth in adhesive joints under mixed mode I/II loading conditions PDF
F. Moroni, A. Pirondi
Current Trends in Multiaxial Fatigue Research and Assessment PDF
G. Marquis
Cyclic calculations and life estimation in thermomechanical fatigue PDF
F. Azzouz, G. Cailletaud, J.L. Chaboche, E. Ostoja-Kuczynski, S. Quilici
Damage nucleation in nuclear graphite under biaxial flexural loading PDF
M. Mostafavi, J. Duff, R. Delorme, T.J. Marrow
Effect of interference of crack faces on shear-mode threshold for small fatigue cracks in a bearing steel PDF
H. Matsunaga
Effect of non-proportional multiaxial fatigue loading on micro crack initiation and propagation of Ti-6Al-4V PDF
H. Nakamura, M. Takanashi, T. Itoh, Y. Shimizu, M. Wu
Effects of biaxial loading on inclined surface cracks behavior PDF
V.N. Shlyannikov, A.V. Tumanov, S.Yu. Kislova
Estimating the notch and mean stress effect in fatigue through the degree of multiaxiality of the local elasto-plastic stress/strain fields PDF
L. Susmel, B. Atzori, G. Meneghetti, D. Taylor
Experimental investigation of stress-strain curves in a cast TRIP steel under biaxial planar loading PDF
K. Nagel, D. Kulawinski, S. Henkel, H. Biermann, P. Huebner
Fatigue assessment of crane rail welds by local concepts PDF
M. Euler, U. Kuhlmann
Fatigue assessment of smooth metallic specimens using a simplified multiaxial criterion based on the critical plane approach PDF
Andrea Carpinteri, R. Brighenti, A. Spagnoli, S. Vantadori
Fatigue behaviour of laserbeam welded thin steel and aluminium sheets under multiaxial loading PDF
J. Wiebesiek, K. Stoerzel, T. Bruder, H. Kaufmann
Fatigue crack growth analysis of structural components – the UniGrow two-parameter driving force model PDF
S. Mikheevskiy, G. Glinka, D. Algera
Fatigue crack growth analysis under mixed mode loading PDF
S. Boljanovic, S. Maksimovic
Fatigue crack growth under flight spectrum loading with superposed fuselage cabin pressure II PDF
R. Sunder
Fatigue crack growth under flight spectrum loading with superposed fuselage cabin pressure PDF
R. Sunder
Fatigue crack propagation under torsional spectrum load of a helicopter tail rotor shaft after ballistic damage PDF
A. Manes, L. Giudici, M. Giglio
Fatigue damage accumulation in a structural steel (42CrMo4) subjected to axial/torsional bi-axial loadings PDF
M. de Freitas, L. Reis, B. Li
Fatigue damage on steel space truss systems PDF
M. Dogan
Fatigue life assessment of laserbeam welded steel tube-tube joints under constant amplitude out-of-phase combined axial loading and torsion by integration of damage differentials (IDD) PDF
S.H. Stefanov, J. Wiebesiek, K. Stoerzel, T. Bruder
Fatigue life of specimens with round and rectangular cross-sections under out-of-phase bending and torsional loading PDF
D. Rozumek, Z. Marciniak, E. Macha
Fatigue lifetime assessment of notched components under multiaxial variable amplitude loading based on a short crack growth concept PDF
O. Hertel, M. Vormwald
Fatigue strength of welded joints under multiaxial loading in terms of local strain energy density PDF
F. Berto, P. Lazzarin
Fracture of aluminium alloy 2024 under triaxial loading PDF
M. Mostafavi, D.J. Smith, M.J. Pavier
History effects in fatigue under variable amplitude laoding mode I conditions in a 316L stainless steel PDF
F. Fremy, S. Pommier, E. Galenne
IDD (integration of damage differentials): general representation PDF
S.H. Stefanov
Improvements in the algorithms for the determination of the shear stress components in critical plane class fatigue criteria PDF
G. Petrucci
Inelastic analysis of power plant components under transient thermal environment PDF
K. Naumenko, A. Kutschke, Y. Kostenko, Th. Rudolf
In-plane and out-of-plane crack-tip constraint effects under biaxial loading in plastic and creeping materials PDF
V.N. Shlyannikov, N.V. Boichenko, A.M. Tartygasheva
Interface and bulk fracture modes and strengths determined by laser-induced stress pulses PDF
P. Hess, A.M. Lomonosov
Investigation of multiaxial fatigue in the prospect of turbine disc applications: Part I – Experimental setups and results PDF
V. Bonnand, J.L. Chaboche, P. Gomez, P. Kanouté, D. Pacou, P. Paulmier
Investigation of multiaxial fatigue in the prospect of turbine disc applications: Part II – Fatigue criteria analysis and formulation of a new combined one PDF
V. Bonnand, J.L. Chaboche, H. Cherouali, P. Kanouté, E. Ostoja-Kuczynski, F. Vogel
Investigation on the shrink-fitted assemblies with a circumferential groove PDF
E. Leidich, B. Bruzek, J. Vidner
Is Miner’s law valid for asphalt mixes? PDF
C. Weise, A. Blasl
Life estimation in specimens with stress gradient: notches and fretting fatigue PDF
C. Navarro, J. Vazquez, J. Dominguez
Life estimation of a composite structural component in a multi-axial stress state PDF
C. Colombo, L. Vergani
Loading phase angle effect on multiaxial behaviour of 30CrNiMo8HH PDF
M. Noban, H. Jahed, A. Ince
Low cycle lifetime assessment of Al alloy PDF
O. Kintzel, S. Khan, J. Mosler
Low-cycle fatigue behaviour and microstructure development of copper and alpha-brass under planar biaxial loading PDF
S. Henkel, J. Fischer, L. Balogh, T. Ungar, M. Hermsdorf, H. Biermann
Material dependence of multiaxial low cycle fatigue damage under non-proportional loading PDF
T. Itoh, T. Yang
Material Influence on Multiaxial Fatigue Response PDF
C.M. Sonsino
Mean strain effect on multiaxial fatigue behavior of Ti-6Al-4V under non-proportional loading PDF
M. Wu, T. Itoh, Y. Shimizu, H. Nakamura, M. Takanashi
Mean stress effect during cyclic stress/straining of 42CrMo4 structural steel PDF
L. Reis, B. Li, M. de Freitas
Methodology for lifing turbine disk bores under multiaxial states of stress PDF
M.N. Menon, P.T. Kantzos, D.J. Greving
Mixed mode deformation in a cracked asphalt pavement subjected to traffic loading PDF
M. Ameri, A. Mansourian, M.R.M. Aliha, M. Heidary Khavas, M.R. Ayatollahi
Multiaxial deformation and fatigue behaviors under descriminating strain paths PDF
N. Shamsaei, A. Fatemi, D.F. Socie
Multiaxial fatigue assessment for notched bars under non-proportional loading using integral stress approach PDF
E. Leidich, J. Vidner
Multiaxial fatigue behavior of short-fiber reinforced thermoplastic roof bars PDF
B. Klimkeit, S. Bergamo, Y. Nadot, S. Castagnet, C. Dumas
Multiaxial fatigue criteria applied to medium speed diesel engines PDF
R. Rabb, C. Loennqvist, J. Kaas
Multiaxial fatigue damage modeling of Ti6Al4V alloy PDF
A.K. Marmi, A.M. Habraken, L. Duchene
Multiaxial fatigue life assessment of components of forged steel Ck 45 (SAE 1045) and of sintered steel Fe-1.5Cu by integration of damage differentials (IDD) PDF
S.H. Stefanov, C.M. Sonsino
Multiaxial Fatigue Modeling and Some Simple Approximations PDF
A. Fatemi, N. Shamsaei
Multiaxial fatigue resistance in thermoplastics and correlation to cyclic behavior PDF
S. Castagnet, Y. Nadot, A. Berrehili, J.C. Grandidier
Multiaxial fatigue strength assessment of components treated by surface induction hardening PDF
T. Palin-Luc, D. Coupard, C. Dumas, P. Bristiel
Multiaxial fracture model for weak fiber\matrix interface composite within the three bending fatigue test PDF
K.A. Khvostunkov, A.G. Shpenev
Multiaxial HCF and LCF constraints in topology optimization PDF
M. Mrzyglod
Multiaxial study of notched component of Sn-3.5Ag solder in creep-fatigue PDF
M. Nozaki, S. Zhang, M. Sakane, K. Kobayashi
Notch Effect on Multiaxial Low Cycle Fatigue PDF
M. Sakane, S. Zhang, K. TaeJoon
Notch effect on torsional fatigue of austenitic stainless steel PDF
C. Ohkawa, I. Ohkawa
Notch optimization under multiaxial loading PDF
M. Guagliano, A. Bernasconi, R. Ghelichi
Numerical modelling of fatigue damage in gears tooth root PDF
M. Franulovic, R. Basan, R. Kunc, I. Prebil
On determination of bifurcation angle in V-notched Brazilian disc specimen under mixed mode loading PDF
A.R. Torabi, M.R. Ayatollahi
On the formulation of non-local multiaxial high-cycle fatigue models based on the theory of critical distances PDF
F.C. Castro, J.A. Araujo, E.N. Mamiya
On the generation of a loading history with zero mean for structures subjected to multiaxial variable stresses PDF
B. Kocer, Y. Yazicioglu, S. Dag
On the use of the Modified Wöhler Curve Method applied along with the Reference Radius Concept to perform the multiaxial fatigue assessment of welded joints PDF
L. Susmel, C.M. Sonsino, R. Tovo
Phenomenological lifetime assessment for turbine housings of turbochargers PDF
F. Laengler, T. Mao, H. Aleksanoglu, A. Scholz
Rotating bending with constant torsion and rotated bending with constant or variable torsion PDF
B.I. Stoychev, S.H. Stefanov
Scale Levels of Crack Closure Effects and Simulation of Fatigue Cracking of Al-based. Sheet Materials Subjected to Biaxial Cyclic Loads PDF
A.A. hanyavskiy
Sequential biaxial low-cycle fatigue of titanium alloys PDF
S. Shukayev, M. Gladskyi, K. Panasovskyi
Specimen for fracture characterization of material under biaxial stress fields PDF
G.P. Pucillo, M. Grasso, F. Penta, P. Pinto
Strain-life behavior of different groups of metallic materials PDF
R. Basan, M. Franulovic, I. Prebil, R. Kunc
Strength degradation analysis of notched concrete beam based on numerical simulation of bending test under sequential loads PDF
Z. Shi, Y. Nakamura, M. Nakano
Study and D analysis of the drilling process influence on notched single crystal superalloy specimens PDF
R. Degeilh, V. Bonnand, D. Pacou
System for automated fatigue crack growth testing under biaxial loading PDF
B.V. Ilchenko, K. Ramesh, V.N. Shlyannikov, R.A. Sitdikov, R. Sunder, G. Vivek
The effect of mean stress on tension-torsion high-cycle fatigue failure of 2A23-T4 aluminum alloy PDF
X. Shi, J. Zhang, R. Bao, B. Fei
The influence of combined loading on fatigue crack growth from small defects PDF
M. Endo, A.J. McEvily
The influence of static normal stress on shear capacity of bonded high strength steel interfaces PDF
S. Renvall, A. Oinonen, G. Marquis
Three-dimensional analysis of dissipated energy in fatigue crack growth PDF
C.M. Davis, J.S. Daily
A study of biaxial fatigue behavior of a synthetic rubber PDF
J.L. Poisson, F. Lacroix, S. Meo, G. Berton, N. Ranganathan