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General Papers

A biaxial endurance criterion developed within the linear elastic fracture mechanic frameworks PDF
R. de Moura Pinho, S. Pommier, C. Mary, A. Longuet, F. Vogel
A comparison of fatigue characteristics of structural steels measured by means of classical and miniature test samples PDF
J. Volak, V. Mentl
A damage mechanics approach to multiaxial fatigue PDF
Andrea Carpinteri, R. Brighenti, A. Spagnoli, S. Vantadori
A model for biaxial fatigue limits PDF
A. Navarro, C. Vallellano, V. Chaves, C. Madrigal
A new test method for obtaining stable mode III crack growth under RCF condition PDF
S. Beretta, S. Foletti, M.G. Tarantino, K. Valiullin
Fatigue assessment of smooth metallic specimens using a simplified multiaxial criterion based on the critical plane approach PDF
Andrea Carpinteri, R. Brighenti, A. Spagnoli, S. Vantadori
Fatigue lifetime assessment of notched components under multiaxial variable amplitude loading based on a short crack growth concept PDF
O. Hertel, M. Vormwald
Investigation of multiaxial fatigue in the prospect of turbine disc applications: Part II – Fatigue criteria analysis and formulation of a new combined one PDF
V. Bonnand, J.L. Chaboche, H. Cherouali, P. Kanouté, E. Ostoja-Kuczynski, F. Vogel
Investigation on the shrink-fitted assemblies with a circumferential groove PDF
E. Leidich, B. Bruzek, J. Vidner
Life estimation in specimens with stress gradient: notches and fretting fatigue PDF
C. Navarro, J. Vazquez, J. Dominguez
Life estimation of a composite structural component in a multi-axial stress state PDF
C. Colombo, L. Vergani
Multiaxial fatigue assessment for notched bars under non-proportional loading using integral stress approach PDF
E. Leidich, J. Vidner
System for automated fatigue crack growth testing under biaxial loading PDF
B.V. Ilchenko, K. Ramesh, V.N. Shlyannikov, R.A. Sitdikov, R. Sunder, G. Vivek