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General Papers

A new solution for D crack extension based on linear elastic stress fields PDF
Y.H. Tai, M.W. Brown, J.R. Yates
A new test method for obtaining stable mode III crack growth under RCF condition PDF
S. Beretta, S. Foletti, M.G. Tarantino, K. Valiullin
A study on notch fatigue based on multiaxial gradient dependent fatigue limit criterion PDF
M.G. Tarantino, S. Foletti, I.V. Papadopoulos
Biaxial fatigue of aluminum alloy 1100 PDF
E.U. Lee, R. Taylor
Effect of non-proportional multiaxial fatigue loading on micro crack initiation and propagation of Ti-6Al-4V PDF
H. Nakamura, M. Takanashi, T. Itoh, Y. Shimizu, M. Wu
Effects of biaxial loading on inclined surface cracks behavior PDF
V.N. Shlyannikov, A.V. Tumanov, S.Yu. Kislova
Estimating the notch and mean stress effect in fatigue through the degree of multiaxiality of the local elasto-plastic stress/strain fields PDF
L. Susmel, B. Atzori, G. Meneghetti, D. Taylor
In-plane and out-of-plane crack-tip constraint effects under biaxial loading in plastic and creeping materials PDF
V.N. Shlyannikov, N.V. Boichenko, A.M. Tartygasheva
Mean strain effect on multiaxial fatigue behavior of Ti-6Al-4V under non-proportional loading PDF
M. Wu, T. Itoh, Y. Shimizu, H. Nakamura, M. Takanashi
Notch Effect on Multiaxial Low Cycle Fatigue PDF
M. Sakane, S. Zhang, K. TaeJoon
On determination of bifurcation angle in V-notched Brazilian disc specimen under mixed mode loading PDF
A.R. Torabi, M.R. Ayatollahi
On the use of the Modified Wöhler Curve Method applied along with the Reference Radius Concept to perform the multiaxial fatigue assessment of welded joints PDF
L. Susmel, C.M. Sonsino, R. Tovo