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General Papers

Cyclic calculations and life estimation in thermomechanical fatigue PDF
F. Azzouz, G. Cailletaud, J.L. Chaboche, E. Ostoja-Kuczynski, S. Quilici
Investigation of multiaxial fatigue in the prospect of turbine disc applications: Part II – Fatigue criteria analysis and formulation of a new combined one PDF
V. Bonnand, J.L. Chaboche, H. Cherouali, P. Kanouté, E. Ostoja-Kuczynski, F. Vogel
Notch effect on torsional fatigue of austenitic stainless steel PDF
C. Ohkawa, I. Ohkawa
The influence of static normal stress on shear capacity of bonded high strength steel interfaces PDF
S. Renvall, A. Oinonen, G. Marquis