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General Papers

3D model for the evaluation of multiaxial fracture behavior of reinforced concrete members PDF
R. Cerioni, P. Bernardi, E. Michelini, A. Mordini
A biaxial endurance criterion developed within the linear elastic fracture mechanic frameworks PDF
R. de Moura Pinho, S. Pommier, C. Mary, A. Longuet, F. Vogel
A comparison of fatigue characteristics of structural steels measured by means of classical and miniature test samples PDF
J. Volak, V. Mentl
A general multiaxial method to estimate the local elastic-plastic behavior from a purely elastic solution PDF
R.J. McDonald, D.F. Socie
A model for biaxial fatigue limits PDF
A. Navarro, C. Vallellano, V. Chaves, C. Madrigal
A strategy for the estimation of the fatigue life of notched components under random multiaxial fatigue PDF
G. Cailletaud, T. Herbland, B. Melnikov, A. Musienko, S. Quilici
An alternative measure for the shear stress amplitude in critical plane based multiaxial fatigue models PDF
A.P. Dantas, J.A. Araujo, E.N. Mamiya, F.C. Comes, J.L.A. Ferreria
Cohesive zone model for the simulation of fatigue crack growth in adhesive joints under mixed mode I/II loading conditions PDF
F. Moroni, A. Pirondi
Current Trends in Multiaxial Fatigue Research and Assessment PDF
G. Marquis
Damage nucleation in nuclear graphite under biaxial flexural loading PDF
M. Mostafavi, J. Duff, R. Delorme, T.J. Marrow
Effect of interference of crack faces on shear-mode threshold for small fatigue cracks in a bearing steel PDF
H. Matsunaga
Estimating the notch and mean stress effect in fatigue through the degree of multiaxiality of the local elasto-plastic stress/strain fields PDF
L. Susmel, B. Atzori, G. Meneghetti, D. Taylor
Fatigue crack growth analysis of structural components – the UniGrow two-parameter driving force model PDF
S. Mikheevskiy, G. Glinka, D. Algera
Fatigue crack growth analysis under mixed mode loading PDF
S. Boljanovic, S. Maksimovic
Fatigue crack propagation under torsional spectrum load of a helicopter tail rotor shaft after ballistic damage PDF
A. Manes, L. Giudici, M. Giglio
Fatigue life of specimens with round and rectangular cross-sections under out-of-phase bending and torsional loading PDF
D. Rozumek, Z. Marciniak, E. Macha
Fracture of aluminium alloy 2024 under triaxial loading PDF
M. Mostafavi, D.J. Smith, M.J. Pavier
Low cycle lifetime assessment of Al alloy PDF
O. Kintzel, S. Khan, J. Mosler
Methodology for lifing turbine disk bores under multiaxial states of stress PDF
M.N. Menon, P.T. Kantzos, D.J. Greving
Mixed mode deformation in a cracked asphalt pavement subjected to traffic loading PDF
M. Ameri, A. Mansourian, M.R.M. Aliha, M. Heidary Khavas, M.R. Ayatollahi
Multiaxial fatigue damage modeling of Ti6Al4V alloy PDF
A.K. Marmi, A.M. Habraken, L. Duchene
Multiaxial HCF and LCF constraints in topology optimization PDF
M. Mrzyglod
On the formulation of non-local multiaxial high-cycle fatigue models based on the theory of critical distances PDF
F.C. Castro, J.A. Araujo, E.N. Mamiya
Phenomenological lifetime assessment for turbine housings of turbochargers PDF
F. Laengler, T. Mao, H. Aleksanoglu, A. Scholz
The influence of combined loading on fatigue crack growth from small defects PDF
M. Endo, A.J. McEvily
The influence of static normal stress on shear capacity of bonded high strength steel interfaces PDF
S. Renvall, A. Oinonen, G. Marquis
A study of biaxial fatigue behavior of a synthetic rubber PDF
J.L. Poisson, F. Lacroix, S. Meo, G. Berton, N. Ranganathan