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General Papers

A biaxial endurance criterion developed within the linear elastic fracture mechanic frameworks PDF
R. de Moura Pinho, S. Pommier, C. Mary, A. Longuet, F. Vogel
An energy-based fatigue model for wrought magnesium alloy under multiaxial load PDF
J. Albinmousa, H. Jahed, S. Lambert
An extrapolation method applied to a constitutive material model to recalculate creep fatigue experiments PDF
P. Wang, M. Lyschik, A. Scholz, C. Berger
Assessment of critical defects in a PSA pressure vessel subjected to cyclical loading using BS- procedures PDF
H.M. Sant’Anna, M.F. Leal
Biaxial fatigue of aluminum alloy 1100 PDF
E.U. Lee, R. Taylor
Fatigue damage accumulation in a structural steel (42CrMo4) subjected to axial/torsional bi-axial loadings PDF
M. de Freitas, L. Reis, B. Li
Fatigue strength of welded joints under multiaxial loading in terms of local strain energy density PDF
F. Berto, P. Lazzarin
Interface and bulk fracture modes and strengths determined by laser-induced stress pulses PDF
P. Hess, A.M. Lomonosov
Investigation on the shrink-fitted assemblies with a circumferential groove PDF
E. Leidich, B. Bruzek, J. Vidner
Mean stress effect during cyclic stress/straining of 42CrMo4 structural steel PDF
L. Reis, B. Li, M. de Freitas
Multiaxial fatigue assessment for notched bars under non-proportional loading using integral stress approach PDF
E. Leidich, J. Vidner
Multiaxial fatigue criteria applied to medium speed diesel engines PDF
R. Rabb, C. Loennqvist, J. Kaas
Phenomenological lifetime assessment for turbine housings of turbochargers PDF
F. Laengler, T. Mao, H. Aleksanoglu, A. Scholz
A study of biaxial fatigue behavior of a synthetic rubber PDF
J.L. Poisson, F. Lacroix, S. Meo, G. Berton, N. Ranganathan