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General Papers

A study of the stability of sharp notches in the orthotropic heterogeneous media PDF
T. Profant, J. Klusak, M. Kotoul
Benefit of taking account of the yield-point phenomenon in a multiaxial constitutive model of cyclic plasticity PDF
A. Zerovnik, R. Kunc, I. Prebil
Effects of biaxial loading on inclined surface cracks behavior PDF
V.N. Shlyannikov, A.V. Tumanov, S.Yu. Kislova
Experimental investigation of stress-strain curves in a cast TRIP steel under biaxial planar loading PDF
K. Nagel, D. Kulawinski, S. Henkel, H. Biermann, P. Huebner
Fatigue assessment of crane rail welds by local concepts PDF
M. Euler, U. Kuhlmann
Fatigue behaviour of laserbeam welded thin steel and aluminium sheets under multiaxial loading PDF
J. Wiebesiek, K. Stoerzel, T. Bruder, H. Kaufmann
Inelastic analysis of power plant components under transient thermal environment PDF
K. Naumenko, A. Kutschke, Y. Kostenko, Th. Rudolf
Investigation of multiaxial fatigue in the prospect of turbine disc applications: Part I – Experimental setups and results PDF
V. Bonnand, J.L. Chaboche, P. Gomez, P. Kanouté, D. Pacou, P. Paulmier
Investigation of multiaxial fatigue in the prospect of turbine disc applications: Part II – Fatigue criteria analysis and formulation of a new combined one PDF
V. Bonnand, J.L. Chaboche, H. Cherouali, P. Kanouté, E. Ostoja-Kuczynski, F. Vogel
Low cycle lifetime assessment of Al alloy PDF
O. Kintzel, S. Khan, J. Mosler
Methodology for lifing turbine disk bores under multiaxial states of stress PDF
M.N. Menon, P.T. Kantzos, D.J. Greving
Multiaxial fatigue behavior of short-fiber reinforced thermoplastic roof bars PDF
B. Klimkeit, S. Bergamo, Y. Nadot, S. Castagnet, C. Dumas
Multiaxial fatigue criteria applied to medium speed diesel engines PDF
R. Rabb, C. Loennqvist, J. Kaas
Multiaxial fracture model for weak fiber\matrix interface composite within the three bending fatigue test PDF
K.A. Khvostunkov, A.G. Shpenev
Multiaxial study of notched component of Sn-3.5Ag solder in creep-fatigue PDF
M. Nozaki, S. Zhang, M. Sakane, K. Kobayashi
Numerical modelling of fatigue damage in gears tooth root PDF
M. Franulovic, R. Basan, R. Kunc, I. Prebil
On the generation of a loading history with zero mean for structures subjected to multiaxial variable stresses PDF
B. Kocer, Y. Yazicioglu, S. Dag
Strain-life behavior of different groups of metallic materials PDF
R. Basan, M. Franulovic, I. Prebil, R. Kunc