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General Papers

A multiaxial fatigue approach to estimate crack initiation and stress gradient effect in fretting PDF
R. Amargier, S. Fouvry, L. Chambon, C. Schwob, C. Poupon
A new test method for obtaining stable mode III crack growth under RCF condition PDF
S. Beretta, S. Foletti, M.G. Tarantino, K. Valiullin
A study on notch fatigue based on multiaxial gradient dependent fatigue limit criterion PDF
M.G. Tarantino, S. Foletti, I.V. Papadopoulos
An alternative measure for the shear stress amplitude in critical plane based multiaxial fatigue models PDF
A.P. Dantas, J.A. Araujo, E.N. Mamiya, F.C. Comes, J.L.A. Ferreria
History effects in fatigue under variable amplitude laoding mode I conditions in a 316L stainless steel PDF
F. Fremy, S. Pommier, E. Galenne
Low-cycle fatigue behaviour and microstructure development of copper and alpha-brass under planar biaxial loading PDF
S. Henkel, J. Fischer, L. Balogh, T. Ungar, M. Hermsdorf, H. Biermann
Multiaxial deformation and fatigue behaviors under descriminating strain paths PDF
N. Shamsaei, A. Fatemi, D.F. Socie
Multiaxial Fatigue Modeling and Some Simple Approximations PDF
A. Fatemi, N. Shamsaei
Numerical modelling of fatigue damage in gears tooth root PDF
M. Franulovic, R. Basan, R. Kunc, I. Prebil
Strain-life behavior of different groups of metallic materials PDF
R. Basan, M. Franulovic, I. Prebil, R. Kunc
The effect of mean stress on tension-torsion high-cycle fatigue failure of 2A23-T4 aluminum alloy PDF
X. Shi, J. Zhang, R. Bao, B. Fei