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General Papers

3D shear-mode fatigue crack growth in maraging steel PDF
V. Doquet, Q.H. Bui, L. Alves, G. Bertolino
A biaxial endurance criterion developed within the linear elastic fracture mechanic frameworks PDF
R. de Moura Pinho, S. Pommier, C. Mary, A. Longuet, F. Vogel
An alternative measure for the shear stress amplitude in critical plane based multiaxial fatigue models PDF
A.P. Dantas, J.A. Araujo, E.N. Mamiya, F.C. Comes, J.L.A. Ferreria
Damage nucleation in nuclear graphite under biaxial flexural loading PDF
M. Mostafavi, J. Duff, R. Delorme, T.J. Marrow
Fatigue damage accumulation in a structural steel (42CrMo4) subjected to axial/torsional bi-axial loadings PDF
M. de Freitas, L. Reis, B. Li
Fatigue damage on steel space truss systems PDF
M. Dogan
Life estimation in specimens with stress gradient: notches and fretting fatigue PDF
C. Navarro, J. Vazquez, J. Dominguez
Mean stress effect during cyclic stress/straining of 42CrMo4 structural steel PDF
L. Reis, B. Li, M. de Freitas
Multiaxial fatigue behavior of short-fiber reinforced thermoplastic roof bars PDF
B. Klimkeit, S. Bergamo, Y. Nadot, S. Castagnet, C. Dumas
Multiaxial fatigue damage modeling of Ti6Al4V alloy PDF
A.K. Marmi, A.M. Habraken, L. Duchene
Multiaxial fatigue strength assessment of components treated by surface induction hardening PDF
T. Palin-Luc, D. Coupard, C. Dumas, P. Bristiel
On the generation of a loading history with zero mean for structures subjected to multiaxial variable stresses PDF
B. Kocer, Y. Yazicioglu, S. Dag
Study and D analysis of the drilling process influence on notched single crystal superalloy specimens PDF
R. Degeilh, V. Bonnand, D. Pacou
Three-dimensional analysis of dissipated energy in fatigue crack growth PDF
C.M. Davis, J.S. Daily