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General Papers

3D model for the evaluation of multiaxial fracture behavior of reinforced concrete members PDF
R. Cerioni, P. Bernardi, E. Michelini, A. Mordini
3D shear-mode fatigue crack growth in maraging steel PDF
V. Doquet, Q.H. Bui, L. Alves, G. Bertolino
A damage mechanics approach to multiaxial fatigue PDF
Andrea Carpinteri, R. Brighenti, A. Spagnoli, S. Vantadori
A new solution for D crack extension based on linear elastic stress fields PDF
Y.H. Tai, M.W. Brown, J.R. Yates
A new test method for obtaining stable mode III crack growth under RCF condition PDF
S. Beretta, S. Foletti, M.G. Tarantino, K. Valiullin
An extrapolation method applied to a constitutive material model to recalculate creep fatigue experiments PDF
P. Wang, M. Lyschik, A. Scholz, C. Berger
Experimental investigation of stress-strain curves in a cast TRIP steel under biaxial planar loading PDF
K. Nagel, D. Kulawinski, S. Henkel, H. Biermann, P. Huebner
Fatigue assessment of smooth metallic specimens using a simplified multiaxial criterion based on the critical plane approach PDF
Andrea Carpinteri, R. Brighenti, A. Spagnoli, S. Vantadori
Fatigue behaviour of laserbeam welded thin steel and aluminium sheets under multiaxial loading PDF
J. Wiebesiek, K. Stoerzel, T. Bruder, H. Kaufmann
Fatigue crack growth analysis under mixed mode loading PDF
S. Boljanovic, S. Maksimovic
Fatigue life assessment of laserbeam welded steel tube-tube joints under constant amplitude out-of-phase combined axial loading and torsion by integration of damage differentials (IDD) PDF
S.H. Stefanov, J. Wiebesiek, K. Stoerzel, T. Bruder
Fatigue strength of welded joints under multiaxial loading in terms of local strain energy density PDF
F. Berto, P. Lazzarin
In-plane and out-of-plane crack-tip constraint effects under biaxial loading in plastic and creeping materials PDF
V.N. Shlyannikov, N.V. Boichenko, A.M. Tartygasheva
Investigation of multiaxial fatigue in the prospect of turbine disc applications: Part I – Experimental setups and results PDF
V. Bonnand, J.L. Chaboche, P. Gomez, P. Kanouté, D. Pacou, P. Paulmier
Investigation of multiaxial fatigue in the prospect of turbine disc applications: Part II – Fatigue criteria analysis and formulation of a new combined one PDF
V. Bonnand, J.L. Chaboche, H. Cherouali, P. Kanouté, E. Ostoja-Kuczynski, F. Vogel
Investigation on the shrink-fitted assemblies with a circumferential groove PDF
E. Leidich, B. Bruzek, J. Vidner
Is Miner’s law valid for asphalt mixes? PDF
C. Weise, A. Blasl
Low-cycle fatigue behaviour and microstructure development of copper and alpha-brass under planar biaxial loading PDF
S. Henkel, J. Fischer, L. Balogh, T. Ungar, M. Hermsdorf, H. Biermann
Multiaxial fatigue behavior of short-fiber reinforced thermoplastic roof bars PDF
B. Klimkeit, S. Bergamo, Y. Nadot, S. Castagnet, C. Dumas
Multiaxial fatigue resistance in thermoplastics and correlation to cyclic behavior PDF
S. Castagnet, Y. Nadot, A. Berrehili, J.C. Grandidier
Multiaxial fatigue strength assessment of components treated by surface induction hardening PDF
T. Palin-Luc, D. Coupard, C. Dumas, P. Bristiel
Notch optimization under multiaxial loading PDF
M. Guagliano, A. Bernasconi, R. Ghelichi
Numerical modelling of fatigue damage in gears tooth root PDF
M. Franulovic, R. Basan, R. Kunc, I. Prebil
Strain-life behavior of different groups of metallic materials PDF
R. Basan, M. Franulovic, I. Prebil, R. Kunc
Study and D analysis of the drilling process influence on notched single crystal superalloy specimens PDF
R. Degeilh, V. Bonnand, D. Pacou
The effect of mean stress on tension-torsion high-cycle fatigue failure of 2A23-T4 aluminum alloy PDF
X. Shi, J. Zhang, R. Bao, B. Fei
A study of biaxial fatigue behavior of a synthetic rubber PDF
J.L. Poisson, F. Lacroix, S. Meo, G. Berton, N. Ranganathan