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General Papers

3D shear-mode fatigue crack growth in maraging steel PDF
V. Doquet, Q.H. Bui, L. Alves, G. Bertolino
A multiaxial fatigue approach to estimate crack initiation and stress gradient effect in fretting PDF
R. Amargier, S. Fouvry, L. Chambon, C. Schwob, C. Poupon
An alternative measure for the shear stress amplitude in critical plane based multiaxial fatigue models PDF
A.P. Dantas, J.A. Araujo, E.N. Mamiya, F.C. Comes, J.L.A. Ferreria
An energy-based fatigue model for wrought magnesium alloy under multiaxial load PDF
J. Albinmousa, H. Jahed, S. Lambert
BEM simulation and experimental test of a FML full scale aeronautic panel undergoing biaxial static and fatigue load PDF
E. Armentani, V. Ascione, R. Citarella, R. Sepe
Cyclic calculations and life estimation in thermomechanical fatigue PDF
F. Azzouz, G. Cailletaud, J.L. Chaboche, E. Ostoja-Kuczynski, S. Quilici
Estimating the notch and mean stress effect in fatigue through the degree of multiaxiality of the local elasto-plastic stress/strain fields PDF
L. Susmel, B. Atzori, G. Meneghetti, D. Taylor
Fatigue crack growth analysis of structural components – the UniGrow two-parameter driving force model PDF
S. Mikheevskiy, G. Glinka, D. Algera
Mixed mode deformation in a cracked asphalt pavement subjected to traffic loading PDF
M. Ameri, A. Mansourian, M.R.M. Aliha, M. Heidary Khavas, M.R. Ayatollahi
On determination of bifurcation angle in V-notched Brazilian disc specimen under mixed mode loading PDF
A.R. Torabi, M.R. Ayatollahi
On the formulation of non-local multiaxial high-cycle fatigue models based on the theory of critical distances PDF
F.C. Castro, J.A. Araujo, E.N. Mamiya
Phenomenological lifetime assessment for turbine housings of turbochargers PDF
F. Laengler, T. Mao, H. Aleksanoglu, A. Scholz