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General Papers

Interlaminar shear strength for three kinds of ceramic matrix composites at 1173K PDF
Jianjie Gou, Chengyu Zhang, Shengru Qiao
Development of classical boundary element analysis of fracture mechanics in gradient materials PDF
Quentin Z.Q. Yue Quentin Z.Q. Yue, Hong Tian Xiao
Modeling of Damage Evolution in Particulate Reinforced Composites with VCFEM PDF
Ran Guo, Wenyan Zhang, Benning Qu
Modeling Fracture Processes in Numerical Concrete PDF
Zhiwei Qian, Erik Schlangen, Guang Ye
The Model and Application of Fatigue Life Based on Fracture Mechanics and Fuzzy Theory PDF
Xing-liang MA, Hui-li WANG, Si-feng QIN
CMOD-Based J Integral Measurement for Surface Cracked Specimens PDF
Xudong Qian, Ya Li
High Cycle Fatigue Simulation using Multi-temporal Scale Method coupled with Continuum Damage Mechanics PDF
Dong Qian, Sagar Bhamare
Fatigue performance analysis of frictional type high strength bolts of overlapped joints PDF
Huili Wang, Hongjian Yin, SIfeng Qin
Numerical Simulations on the Perforation of Metal Plates under Normal Impact by Conical-nosed Projectiles PDF
Wu Qiaoguo, Wen Heming
Optimal Design of Metallic Corrugated Sandwich Plates to Blast Loading PDF
Jianxun Zhang, Qinghua Qin
A CMOD-Based Hybrid Approach to Determine Fracture Resistance Curve PDF
Wuchao Yang, Xudong Qian
Fracture analysis in plane piezoelectric media using hybrid finite element model PDF
Hui Wang, Qing-Hua Qin
A Damage Model for Sandwich Plate with Viscoelastic Core in three-Points Bending Fatigue Experiments PDF
Xue QiChao, Zou GuangPing
The interface debond analysis for sandwich beam with viscoelastic core and steel faceplates PDF
Zou GuangPing, Xue QiChao
Structural Hierarchy and Dynamic Size Effect of Rock Strength PDF
Chengzhi Qi, Qihu Qian
Safety Assessment and Fatigue Life analysis of Aged Crane Structures PDF
Kai Qi, Weixiong Wang
Crack and defect formation in diamond films PDF
Duosheng Li, Qing H. Qin