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General Papers

Evaluation of strength recovery and analysis of damage progression of notched unidirectional carbon/epoxy composites encompassing selfhealing of interfacial debonding PDF
Kazuaki Sanada, Yuta Mizuno, Yasuhide Shindo
Experimental and analytical study of the effect of variable amplitude loadings in VHCF regime PDF
Manuela Sander, Thomas Müller
Influence of deformation-induced alpha prime martensite on the crack initiation mechanism in a metastable austenitic steel in the HCF and VHCF regime PDF
Martina Zimmermann, Andrei Grigorescu, Carsten Mueller-Bollenhagen
Experimental investigation on effects of various factors on very high cycle fatigue property for spring steels PDF
Taku Miura, Tatsuo Sakai, Takayuki Sakakibara
Investigations of subcritical crack propagation under high cycle fatigue PDF
Attilio Arcari, Nagaraja Iyyer, Kittur Madan
An interaction integral method for 2D elastodynamic crack problems PDF
Zhiyong Wang, Li Ma, Linzhi Wu
Hierarchical Damage Simulation to Correlate Micro-structural Characteristics of Steel with Ductile Crack Growth Resistance of Component PDF
Mitsuru Ohata, Hiroto Shoji, Fumiyoshi Minami
Integrated Damage Mechanics Approach to Brittle and Ductile Crack Propagation PDF
Geralf Hütter, Thomas Linse, Uwe Mühlich
Application of the Local Approach for Prediction of Ductile Fracture of Highly Irradiated Austenitic Steels PDF
Boris Margolin, Alexander Sorokin, Victor Kostylev
Stress-Controlled and Stress-and-Strain Controlled Criteria of Brittle Fracture in Local Approach PDF
Victoria Shvetsova, Boris Margolin, Alexander Gulenko
Dislocation dynamics analysis of hydrogen embrittlement in alpha iron based on atomistic investigations PDF
Shinya Taketomi, Honami Imanishi, Ryosuke Matsumoto
Fatigue Crack Growth Modelling in Welded Stiffened Panels under Cyclic Tension PDF
Željko Božić Željko Božić, Siegfried Schmauder, Marijo Mlikota
Evaluation of fracture toughness and impact toughness of laser rapid manufactured Inconel-625 structures and their co-relation PDF
Ganesh Puppala Ganesh Puppala, Aniruddha Moitra, S. Sathyanarayanan
Evaluation of Optimal Condition in Laser Shock Peening Process by AE Method PDF
Tomoki Takata, Manabu Enoki, Akinori Matsui
Effect of welding defects on plastic behaviour and fatigue lifetime of friction stir welded Al-Cu-Li alloy PDF
Thomas Le Jolu, Thilo F. Morgeneyer, Anne Denquin
Modelling Damage in Nuclear Graphite PDF
Thorsten Becker, James Marrow
Computational prediction of fracture toughness of polycrystalline metals PDF
Yan Li, David L. McDowell, Min Zhou
CTOD fracture toughness assessment method of High-strength steel based on BS7910 PDF
Ziyu Xia, Zhangmu Miao, Tao Ma
Crack Nucleation in Phase Field Fracture Models PDF
Charlotte Kuhn, Ralf Müller
Examination on a Criterion for a Debonding Fracture of Single Lap Joints from the Intensity of Singular Stress Field PDF
Tatsujiro Miyazaki, Nao-Aki Noda, Rong Li
Influence of Microstructure on Fatigue Crack Propagation and Fracture Toughness of Large Ti-6Al-4V Cast Structure PDF
Xin Feng, Anqi Wang, Yingjie Ma
Dynamic fracture of metals in wide range of strain rates PDF
Alexander E. Mayer
3D synchrotron laminography assessment of damage evolution in blanked dual phase steels PDF
Mouhcine Kahziz, Thilo Morgeneyer, Matthieu Mazière
In-situ SEM/EBSD Study of Deformation and Fracture Behaviour of Flake Cast Iron PDF
Mattias Lundberg Mattias Lundberg, Mattias Calmunger, Ru Lin Peng
Elasto-Dynamic Behaviour of Interacting Inhomogeneities and Cracks PDF
Shaker A. Meguid, Xiaodong Wang
Evaluation of delamination mechanisms from Charpy impact test in API-X70 steel PDF
Hudison Haskel, Ederson Pauletti, Juliana P. Martins
Influence of delamination on microtexture and J-R curve in API X60 steel PDF
Ederson Pauletti, Hudison L. Haskel, Juliana P. Martins
The Model and Application of Fatigue Life Based on Fracture Mechanics and Fuzzy Theory PDF
Xing-liang MA, Hui-li WANG, Si-feng QIN
The Effects of Hydrogen on Mechanical Properties of Ni-base Alloys under the Static and Cyclic Loading PDF
Alexander Balitskii, Lyubomir Ivaskevich, Volodimir Mochulskyi
Small Crack Effect on Threshold Stress Intensity KTH for High Strength Steel with Internal Hydrog PDF
Yukitaka Murakami, Hisao Matsunaga, Arezou Abyazi
Study on damage tolerance properties of fiber metal laminates PDF
Yu E Ma, Zhongchun Xia, Shuang Yun
Simulating the bluntness of TBM Disc Cutters in Rocks using Displacement Discontinuity Method PDF
Hadi Haeri Hadi Haeri, Kourosh Shahriar, Mohammad Fatehi Marji
Modeling the propagation mechanism of two random micro cracks in rock Samples under uniform tensile loading PDF
Hadi Haeri, Kourosh Shahriar, Mohammad Fatehi Marji
Evaluation Using Digital Image Correlation and Finite Element method of Stress Intensity Factors and T-stress PDF
M.L.Hattali M.L.Hattali, H. Auradou, M. François
A strain based criterion for creep crack initiation PDF
A. Hobt, A. Klenk, K. Maile
Strain Rate Effect on the Failure Behavior of Kevlar 49 Fabric and Single Yarn PDF
Deju Zhu, Barzin Mobasher, Subramaniam D. Rajan
The Master Failure Curve of Pipe Steels and Crack Paths in Connection with Hydrogen Embrittlement PDF
M. Hadj Meliani, A. Elhussein, A. Elhoud
Structure responses in the riveted and the friction stir welded stringer panel under the tensile loading PDF
E MA Yu, ZhenQiang ZHAO
Fracture of Metallic Ring Samples under static and dynamic loading PDF
Viktor A. Morozov, Yuriy V. Petrov, Anton A. Lukin
Fatigue Life Prediction of Polycrystals under Multiaxial Straining PDF
Gustavo M. Castelluccio, David L. McDowell
Variability of the Fatigue Driving Force within Grains of Polycrystals PDF
Gustavo Castelluccio, David L. McDowell
Dissipated Energy Measurements of Metal Material during High-cycle Fatigue Test Process PDF
Yuan LI, Francois MAQUIN, Zhicheng LIU
Effect of Humidity on Fracture Mechanism of Age-hardened Al Alloys under Ultrasonic Loading PDF
Norio Kawagoishi, Kohji Kariya, Hironori Matsusako
Fatigue crack growth in a metastable austenitic stainless steel PDF
D.F. Martelo, M.D. Chapetti
Analysis of the transition from flat to slanted fatigue crack growth in thin metallic sheets PDF
Jean-Baptiste Esnault, Véronique Doquet, Patrick Massin
Evaluation of resistance to fatigue due to thermal shock in ceramic facade coating system PDF
Yina F. M. Moscoso, Anderson S. Barbosa, João B. Uchôa
Formulation and Characterization of Fatigue Strength Diagrams of Notched Specimens Based on Equivalent Cyclic Stress Ratio, Attending Especially to Material Dependence and Notch Size Effects PDF
Hiroshi Matsuno
Crack growth rate in friction stir welded nugget under different R ratio fatigue load PDF
Yu E Ma, BaoQi Liu, ZhenQiang Zhao
Effects of Short-Time Duplex Heat Treatment on Microstructure and Fatigue Strength of Ti-6Al-4V Alloy PDF
Satoshi Tanaka, Tatsuro Morita, Kosuke Shinoda
Fatigue Cracking Paths and Compliance Analysis in Round Bars under Tension and Bending PDF
Jesús Toribio, Juan-Carlos Matos, Beatriz González
Role of Surface Defects in the Initiation of Fatigue Cracks in Pearlitic Steel PDF
Jesús Toribio, Juan-Carlos Matos, Beatriz González
High temperature stress relaxation of a Ni-based single-crystal superalloy PDF
Mikael Segersäll, Johan J. Moverare
Tensile mechanical behavior of as-cast AA7050 alloy in the super-solidus temperature range PDF
T Subroto, A Miroux
Metallic melt fracture and fragmentation under the high-current electron irradiation PDF
Polina N. Mayer, Alexander E. Dudorov
Mode I Fracture Toughness of Nanorubber Modified Epoxy under Wide loading Rate PDF
Ying-Gang Miao, Hong-Yuan Liu
Dynamic fracture of advanced ceramics under impact loading conditions using a miniaturized Kolsky bar PDF
Declan McNamara, Patricia Alveen
Experimental and numerical investigation of fibre-metal laminates during low-velocity impact loading PDF
Yu E Ma, HaiWei Hu
Effect of Plastic Anisotropy on Shear Localization and Fracture in Automotive Sheets PDF
Jidong Kang, Raja K. Mishra
Wrinkling and Delamination of Thin Films on Compliant Substrates PDF
Haixia Mei, Rui Huang
Damage Identification and Influence on Mechanical Properties of Closed Cell Rigid Foams PDF
Liviu Marsavina, Dan M. Constantinescu
Evaluation of Microstructure Effect on Anisotropic Mechanical Properties of Hot Rolled AZ31 by AE Analysis PDF
Kousuke Matsumoto, Takashi Yasutomi
Wear Life Test and Mechanisms of Silicon MEMS Devices under Different Gas Environments PDF
Sihan Shen, Yonggang Meng
Study on Radiation induced Mechanical Degradation of Amorphous Silicon Carbide Films PDF
Bo Meng, Wei Tang
Meso-scale features and couple stresses in fracture process zone PDF
Craig N Morrison, Andrey P Jivkov PDF
Bin Zhang, Lanjv Mei
Experimental and numerical analysis of mixed mode fracture PDF
Octavian POP, Mamadou Méité
The effect of thickness on components of the non-singular T-stress under mixed mode loading PDF
Yury G. Matvienko, Alexander S. Chernyatin
Micromechanical modelling of advanced ceramics PDF
Patricia Alveen, Declan McNamara
Fracture Toughness of SE(B) Specimens of Steel in the Presence of Splitting PDF
Pablo J. Lara Melcher, Enrique M. Castrodeza
Local approach of fracture on semi-crystalline polymers: contribution of X-ray laminography technique PDF
Lucien Laiarinandrasana, Thilo F. Morgeneyer
Evaluation on the Factors Influencing Thermal-stress-induced Growth of Sn Nanowires PDF
Yuan Li, Kentaro Miura
Models for Microcracks Extension and Damage Evolution Based on Acoustic Emissions PDF
Wang Li, Yuanchun Ye Jinsheng MAO
Fracture of Metallic Ring Samples under Magnetic Pulse Shock Action PDF
Viktor A. Morozov, Yuriy V. Petrov
Effects of Specimen Geometry and Mode Loading on Crack Growth Resistance Curves of X80 Pipeline Girth Welds PDF
Claudio Ruggieri, Leonardo L. S. Mathias
Experimental investigations on the cyclic behavior and fatigue of extruded 2017 aluminum alloy PDF
Abdelghani May, Lakhdar Taleb
Grain size dependence of the yield stress for metals at quasistatic and dynamic loadings PDF
Elijah N. Borodin, Alexander E. Mayer
Evolution of perturbations of temperature and dislocation density at high-rate shear deformation of pure metals and alloys PDF
Alexander E. Mayer, Elijah N. Borodin
Variation in Thermal Conductivity of CFRP Plates due to Impact Damage PDF
Mamoru Mizuno, Atsushi Ogawa
Trouser tear tests of two thin polymer films PDF
Eskil Andreasson, Nasir Mehmood
Dynamic Growth of Voids under Effects of Thermal and Vapor Pressure in Electronic Packaging PDF
Xiaohu Yao, Yue Mei
Fatigue crack growth in the contact wire of railway catenary PDF
Si Hai Mai, Mac Lan Nguyen-Tajan
New Fatigue Life and Durability Evaluating Method of High Speed Train Carbody Structure PDF
BingRong Miao, WeiHua Zhang
Analysis of fatigue crack initiation and propagation in ship structures PDF
Wengang Mao, Jonas W Ringsberg
Influence of different microstructures of the welding zone on the fatigue crack growth behaviour of HSLA steels PDF
B. Maier, Ch. Guster
3D FE analysis of shot peening of strain-rate sensitive materials Accounting for Multiple and Repeated Impingement PDF
Shaker A. Meguid, Fan Yang
Pre-fracture zone model on magnetoelectrically permeable interface crack between two dissimilar magnetoelectroelastic materials PDF
Peng MA, Wenjie Feng
Machining effects on damage evolution in sinter powder metals PDF
S. Ma, H. Yuan
Mechanical and Fracture Behavior of Gelatin Gels M. PDF
M. Czerner, J. Martucci
Experimental verification of optimal strain gage locations for the accurate determination of stress intensity factors PDF
H. Sarangi, K.S.R.K. Murthy
Analysis of Crack Retardation Effects and Crack Path in Ship Structure Members on Different Routes PDF
Fredhi Agung Prasetyo, Wengang Mao
Study on CTOD and microstructure in flash welded joints for 630-730 MPa grade mooring chains PDF
Shuwei Leng, Zhangmu Miao
Fracture mechanics model for predicting fracture strength of metallic alloys containing large second phase particles PDF
Uwe Zerbst, Mauro Madia
Strain gage radial locations for the accurate determination of mode I stress intensity factors PDF
H. Sarangi, K.S.R.K. Murthy
Multiscale monitoring of interface failure of brittle coating/ductile substrate systems: a non-destructive evaluation method combined digital image correlation with acoustic emission PDF
Weiguo Mao, Duojin Wu
A Simplified Approach for the Evaluation of Nearly singular integrals in Boundary Element Method PDF
Yu Miao, Jiahe Lv