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General Papers

Influence of high mean stresses on lifetime and damage of the martensitic steel X10CrNiMoV12-2-2 in the VHCF regime PDF
Beck Tilmann, Stephan Kovacs, Lorenz Singheiser
Effect of aging condition on fatigue strength of maraging steel in long life region PDF
Qiang Chen, Qingyuan Wang, Norio Kawagoishi
Surface crack initiation pehenomenon in very high cycle fatigue PDF
Muhammad Kashif Khan, Qingyuan Wang
A BEM for transient coupled thermoelastic crack analysis of homogeneous/functionally graded bimaterials PDF
Chuanzeng Zhang, Alexander Ekhlakov, Oksana Khay
Null-field integral approach for the piezoelectricity problems with arbitrary elliptical inhomogeneities PDF
Ying-Te Lee, Jeng-Tzong Chen, Shyh-Rong Kuo
Application of damage models to the ductile-brittle transition region of Reactor steels PDF
Thomas Linse, Meinhard Kuna
Application of the Local Approach for Prediction of Ductile Fracture of Highly Irradiated Austenitic Steels PDF
Boris Margolin, Alexander Sorokin, Victor Kostylev
Local Approach Applied to the Fracture Toughness of Resistance Spot Welds PDF
Florent Krajcarz, Anne-Françoise Gourgues-Lorenzon, Emmanuel Lucas
Analysis of a singular stress field near the edge of joint using molecular dynamics PDF
Hideo Koguchi, Nobuyasu Suzuki
The concepts and properties of nanoskin materials and components created by ultrasonic nanocrystal surface modification PDF
Young Shik Pyoun, Qingyuan Wang, Muhammad Kashif Khan
Analysis of stress singularity field near the cross point of inclusion and free surface by 3D element free Galerkin method PDF
Yasuyuki Tsukada, Takahiko Kurahashi, Hideo Koguchi
Modeling of cracked structures containing voids subjected to fatigue and dynamic loads using XFEM PDF
Mohamed Riad KIRED, Brahim Elkhalil HACHI, Mohamed GUESMI
Transient Dynamic Crack Analysis in Decagonal Quasicrystal PDF
Vladimir Sladek, Jan Sladek, Slavomir Krahulec
Stress Corrosion Cracking Behavior of Wrought Magnesium Alloy AZ31 and AZ61 under Controlled Cathodic Potentials PDF
Toshifumi Kakiuchi, Yoshihiko Uematsu, Masaki Nakajima
Crack Nucleation in Phase Field Fracture Models PDF
Charlotte Kuhn, Ralf Müller
Influence of the residual stresses on the crack deflection in ceramic laminates PDF
Oldrich Sevecek, Michal Kotou, Tomas Profant
Modeling of Strain Localization and Failure in Vanadium under Quasistatic Loading PDF
Anastasia Kostina, Yuriy Bayandin, Oleg Plekhov
3D synchrotron laminography assessment of damage evolution in blanked dual phase steels PDF
Mouhcine Kahziz, Thilo Morgeneyer, Matthieu Mazière
Fretting fatigue properties under the effect of hydrogen and the mechanisms that cause the reduction in fretting fatigue strength PDF
Jader Furtado, Ryosuke Komoda, Masanobu Kubota
Recovery of ductility observed in liquid gallium induced embrittlement of polycrystalline silver PDF
Kodai Yamamoto, Kohei Arakawa, Hirokazu Koizumi
Review of Hydrogen Diffusion Models for the Analysis of Hydrogen Embrittlement of Materials PDF
Jesús Toribio, Viktor Kharin
Hydrogen Embrittlement in Metals: Analysis of Directionality of Hydrogen Diffusion Assisted by Stress and Strain PDF
Jesús Toribio, Viktor Kharin, Diego Vergara
Effect of Second-Stage-Aging on the Fatigue Properties of Maraging Steel PDF
Norio Kawagoishi, Kohji Kariya, Takanori Nagano
A strain based criterion for creep crack initiation PDF
A. Hobt, A. Klenk, K. Maile
Evaluation of ductile fracture models in high velocity impact problems PDF
Ying Li, Xiaobin Li, Xiangshao Kong
Healing of fatigue crack treated with surface activated pre-coating method by controlling high density electric current PDF
Atsushi Hosoi, Tomoya Kishi, Yang Ju
Some Microstructural Aspects on Humidity-Enhanced Deterioration in the Fatigue Strength of Age-Hardened 7075 Al Alloy PDF
Yuzo Nakamura, Kohji Kariya, Norio Kawagoishi
Effect of Humidity on Fracture Mechanism of Age-hardened Al Alloys under Ultrasonic Loading PDF
Norio Kawagoishi, Kohji Kariya, Hironori Matsusako
Rotating Bending Fatigue Tests of PH-42 steel Plasma Nitrided PDF
José Divo Bressan, Daniel Kohls
Fatigue life prediction based on a mechanism-based simulation of crack initiation and short crack growth in forged Ti-6Al-4V PDF
Hans-Jürgen Christ, Helge Knobbe, Philipp Köster
Characterization of the fatigue behavior of brazed steel joints by digital image correlation (DIC) PDF
Michael Koster, Christoph Kenel, Christian Leinenbach
A Model Allowing for the Influence of Geometry and Stress in the Assessment of Fatigue Data PDF
Constanze Przybilla, Roland Koller, Alfonso Fernández-Canteli
Development and several additional performances of dual spindle rotating bending fatigue testing machine GIGA QUAD PDF
Taizoh Yamamoto, Akio Kokubu, Tatsuo Sakai
Effects of a newly incorporated with a stress-weakening term in a revised RSF on earthquake nucleation PDF
Nobuki Kame, Satoshi Fujita, Masao Nakatani
Theoretical and Numerical Study of Symmetric, In-plane, Free Vibration of Timoshenko Portal Frame with Open Crack PDF
Sandeep Kumar, Nikam M Satyavan
Creep and fracture behaviors of an advanced heat resistant austenitic stainless steel for A-USC power plant PDF
Guocai Chai, Patrik Kjellström
Modeling of Inclined Crack Growth under Creep Conditions PDF
Vladimir I. Astafiev, Alexey N. Krutov
Creep-Fatigue Interactions in P91 Steel PDF
Magdalena Speicher, Andreas Klenk
Low velocity perforation of an aluminum alloy: experiments and simulations PDF
Leonard Antoinat, Regis Kubler
Effect of Plastic Anisotropy on Shear Localization and Fracture in Automotive Sheets PDF
Jidong Kang, Raja K. Mishra
The Attenuation and Dispersion Analyses in Porous and Fractured Medium with Arbitrary Fracture Fill PDF
Liyun Kong, Boris Gurevich
Mixed-mode crack initiation at the edge of Cu/Si interface in nanoscale components PDF
Yabin Yan, Kohei Kishimoto
Structure and Magnetic Properties of Perovskite LaFeO3 Nanocrystals Synthesized Via Reverse Micelle Technique PDF
Abdullah A. Saad, Wasi Khan
Numerical Modeling and Analysis of Dynamic Crack Propagation in Rubber PDF
Elsiddig Elmukashfi, Martin Kroon
Critical Strain Based Ductile Damage Criterion and its Application to Mechanical Damage in Pipelines PDF
Ming Gao, Rav Krishnamurthy
Ratchetting Behaviour of High Strength Rail Steel under Uniaxial and Biaxial Cyclic Loadings PDF
Chung Lun Pun, Qianhua Kan
An extended cyclic plasticity model at finite deformations describing the Bauschinger effect and ratchetting behaviour PDF
Yilin Zhu, Guozheng Kang
A thermo-mechanically coupled cyclic plasticity model at large deformations considering inelastic heat generation PDF
Qianhua Kan, Guozheng Kang
Observations and Analysis of Fatigue Crack Growth in Circular Notched Polyethylene Specimens PDF
Byoung-Ho Choi, Ilhyun Kim
Correlation between the dynamic fracture energy and the amount of created surface PDF
Jean-Benoit Kopp, Jean Schmittbuhl
Safe Life and Damage Tolerance Concepts of Railway Axles PDF
Dietmar Klingbeil, Uwe Zerbst
On the Mechanism of Martensite Formation during Short Fatigue Crack Propagation in Austenitic Stainless Steel: Experimental Identification and Modelling Concept PDF
Ulrich Krupp, Ingmar Roth
Influence of micro-shrinkage on the fatigue behavior of ductile iron PDF
Paul Kainzinger, Christoph Guster
Mechanics of Gelatin and Elastin based hydrogels as Tissue Engineered Constructs PDF
Achu G. Byju, Ankur Kulkarni
Modeling of Mechanical Response and Progressive Failure of Tri-axially Woven SiCf-SiC Composites PDF
S. G. Kulkarni, X.-L. Gao
Thermally induced creep rupture of fiber bundles PDF
Naoki Yoshioka, Ferenc Kun
Thickness-dependent lower bounds of fracture toughness of ferritic steels in the ductile-to-brittle transition regime PDF
Hans-Jakob Schindler, Dietmar Kalkhof
Evaluation of the Strength of Thin Metallic Films Coated on Brittle Materials by using an Indentation Fracture Method PDF
Yuzo Nakamura, Takashi Kawabata
Analysis on Arithmetic and Application of Rigidity Distribution for Simply Supported Structure PDF
Ling–bo WANG, Xin Kang