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General Papers

Effects of microstructure on very-high-cycle fatigue crack initiation and life scatter for a high strength steel PDF
Zhengqiang Lei, Youshi Hong, Jijia Xie
Effect of yttrium content on the ultra-high cycle fatigue behavior of Mg-Zn-Y-Zr alloys PDF
Daokui Xu, Enhou Han
The effect of damage accumulation in slip bands on the resonant behavior in the very high cycle fatigue (VHCF) regime PDF
Philipp Hilgendorff, Andrei Grigorescu, Martina Zimmermann
The eXtended Finited Element Method for frictional contact problem PDF
Zhiqiang Hu, Guogang Fan, Gao Lin
Research on the new low temperature self-protective pasty boronizing processes of thermal power plant economizer pipe PDF
Jianjun He, Jian Chen, Yan Ren
LCF behavior and life modeling of DZ125 under complicated load condition at high temperature PDF
Jia Huang, Xiaoguang Yang, Duoqi Shi
Effect of SiC partilces on fatigue crack propagation of spray-formed SiC particulate-reinforced Al–Si alloy composites PDF
Wei Li, Jian Chen, Jianjun He
Load history effects on fracture toughness of RPV steel PDF
Jérémy Hure, Benoît Tanguy
Integrated Damage Mechanics Approach to Brittle and Ductile Crack Propagation PDF
Geralf Hütter, Thomas Linse, Uwe Mühlich
Tunable Negative Poisson’s Ratio of 3D Spanned-Fullerene Nanotube Nanotruss PDF
Jianyang Wu, Jianying He, Zhiliang Zhang
Crack Growth Life Assessment on Turbine Component under Combined Fatigue Loading PDF
Dianyin Hu, Rongiqao Wang, Huawei Liu
Deformations and Damage Evolution of Austenitic Steel AISI304 with Martensite Phase Transformation PDF
Gang Han, Huang Yuan
Experimental Studies of Thermal Aging Effects on the Tensile and Tearing Fracture Behavior of Carbon Black Filled Rubbers PDF
Xiaoling Hu, Yan Li, Xiu Liu
A fracture-based model of periodic-arrayed indentation for rock cutting PDF
Yu Jun Xie, Bo Yang Xiang, Xiao Zhi Hu
Flat-tipped Indentation Fracture Mechanics PDF
Xiaozhi Hu, Yujun Xie
Improvement of crack-tip stress series with Padé approximants PDF
Gaëtan Hello, Mabrouk Ben-Tahar, Jean-Marc Roelandt
Computational Method for Crack Layer Model PDF
Haiying Zhang Haiying Zhang, Alexander Chudnovsky
Random elasto-plastic lattice modeling of damage in fibrous materials PDF
Keqiang Hu, Zengtao Chen, K. C. Li
Modeling of cracked structures containing voids subjected to fatigue and dynamic loads using XFEM PDF
Mohamed Riad KIRED, Brahim Elkhalil HACHI, Mohamed GUESMI
Mixed mode computation of the dynamic stress intensity factor for cracked 2D structures with inclusion using XFEM PDF
Alaa Eddine HOUA, Brahim Elkhalil HACHI, Mohamed GUESMI
Wedge Splitting Test on Fracture Behaviour of Fiber Reinforced and Regular High Performance Concretes PDF
Kamil Hodicky, Thomas Hulin, Jacob W. Schmidt
Investigation on the Failure Mechanisms in Sandstones under Uniaxial Compression by Digital Image Correlation PDF
Ganyun Huang, Hao Zhang, Haipeng Song
Crystallographic texture helps reduce HIC cracking in pipeline steels PDF
José M. Hallen, Victoria Venegas, Francisco Caleyo
Performance Deregulation Rule of Aircraft Fatigue Critical Components in Consideration of Calendar Environment PDF
Chao Gao, Yuting He, Haiwei Zhang
An Equivalent Strain Gradient Theory for Evolvement of Damage in void Material PDF
Hong Zuo, Fangwen Wang, Teng Hou
Strength properties of a Drucker-Prager porous medium reinforced by rigid particles PDF
Zheng He, Luc Dormieux, Kondo Djimedo
Evaluation of delamination mechanisms from Charpy impact test in API-X70 steel PDF
Hudison Haskel, Ederson Pauletti, Juliana P. Martins
Influence of delamination on microtexture and J-R curve in API X60 steel PDF
Ederson Pauletti, Hudison L. Haskel, Juliana P. Martins
Ductility loss in Hydrogen-charged Ductile Cast Iron PDF
Hisao Matsunaga Hisao Matsunaga, Teruki Usuda, Keiji Yanase
Simulating the bluntness of TBM Disc Cutters in Rocks using Displacement Discontinuity Method PDF
Hadi Haeri Hadi Haeri, Kourosh Shahriar, Mohammad Fatehi Marji
Modeling the propagation mechanism of two random micro cracks in rock Samples under uniform tensile loading PDF
Hadi Haeri, Kourosh Shahriar, Mohammad Fatehi Marji
A strain based criterion for creep crack initiation PDF
A. Hobt, A. Klenk, K. Maile
Comparative Study on Fatigue Properties of Friction Stir Welding Joint and Lap Joint PDF
Teng Zhang, Yuting He, Qing Shao
Ductile to brittle transition concept on fracture behavior of poly(vinylidene fluoride) / poly(methyl methacrylate) blend PDF
Lucien Laiarinandrasana, Yannick Nziakou, Jean-Louis Halary
Healing of fatigue crack treated with surface activated pre-coating method by controlling high density electric current PDF
Atsushi Hosoi, Tomoya Kishi, Yang Ju
Measurement of Effective Stress Intensity Factor Range of Mode II Fatigue Crack Growth using Hysteresis Loop PDF
Shigeru Hamada, Minjian Liu
Experimental Investigation of Mode I Fatigue Crack Growth Behavior of Titanium Foils PDF
Lee Chang-Woo, Liu Liu, W John Holmes
Study on Delamination Behavior and Crack Opening Contour of Advanced Hybrid Laminates during Fatigue Crack Propagation Process PDF
Xiao Huang, Jianzhong Liu
Analysis of the multiaxial fatigue strength at the mesoscopic scale using 3D microstructure modeling and extreme value statistics PDF
Anis Hor, Nicolas Saintier, Camille Robert
Fretting fatigue analysis on nuclear fuel cladding tubes PDF
Lichen Tang, Shurong Ding, Yongzhong Huo
Property for Fatigue Crack Propagation of Friction Stir Welded 2024-T3 Aluminum alloy PDF
Masakazu Hirose, Motoo Asakawa, Takao Okada
Study on the fatigue crack growth behavior of 30CrMnSiA Straight Attachment Lugs PDF
LiMing Wu, YuTing He, HaiWei Zhang
Fatigue damage indicators based on the infrared thermographic method PDF
Pei.J. Hou, Xing.L. Guo, Fang Han
Creep Strength of Dissimilar Welds for Advanced USC Boiler Materials PDF
Masaaki Tabuchi, Hiromichi Hongo
Experimental observation of phase transformation front of SMA under impact loading PDF
He Huang, Dominique Saletti
Pre-kinking analysis of a cracked piezoelectric strip under impact loadings PDF
Zengtao Chen, Keqiang Hu
Numerical Simulations on the Perforation of Metal Plates under Normal Impact by Conical-nosed Projectiles PDF
Wu Qiaoguo, Wen Heming
Experimental and numerical investigation of fibre-metal laminates during low-velocity impact loading PDF
Yu E Ma, HaiWei Hu
Wrinkling and Delamination of Thin Films on Compliant Substrates PDF
Haixia Mei, Rui Huang
Growth of Grass Like Architectures on Si Substrate and Its Mechanism Study PDF
Lijiao Hu, Yang Ju
Monte Carlo Simulation of Fatigue Crack Initiation at Elevated Temperature PDF
Feifei He, Cher Ming Tan
Anchor Design for Microdevice Fabricated by Silicon-on-Glass Process Based on Bonding Strength Consideration PDF
Jun He, Fang Yang
Experiments on the mechanical behavior of anodically bonded interlayer of Pyrex Glass/Al/Si PDF
Yu-Qun Hu, Ya-Pu Zhao
Thermo-elastic analysis of a cracked substrate bonded to a coating using the hyperbolic heat conduction theory PDF
Zengtao Chen, Keqiang Hu
Pre-kinking analysis of a mixed-mode crack in a magnetoelectroelastic layer PDF
Keqiang Hu, Zengtao Chen
A Self-consistent Model in the Local Residual Stress Evaluation of 316H Stainless Steel PDF
Jianan Hu, Bo Chen
Micro-scale Testing to Evaluate the Fracture Characteristics of Quasi-brittle Materials PDF
Dong Liu, Peter Heard
Cap Effect on Pull-out Behavior of CNT in CNT-reinforced Nanocomposites PDF
Ning Hu, Yuan Li
Nonlinear fracture mechanics metal foams PDF
Tian You Fan, Hai Yun Hu
Fracture problem of the thin superconducting strip with transverse crack PDF
Cun Xue, An He
Fracture behaviors of thin superconducting films with field-dependent critical current density PDF
An He, Cun Xue
Combined Self-Consistent and Mori-Tanaka Approach for Evaluation of Elastoplastic Property of Particulate Composites PDF
Xianghe Peng, Ning Hu
Dynamic response of an interface crack between magnetoelectroelastic and functionally graded elastic layers PDF
Keqiang Hu, Zengtao Chen
On the Dynamic Behaviour of Surface-Bonded Piezoelectric Sensors/Actuators with Partially Debonded Adhesive Layers PDF
Congrui Jin, Lu Han
Large Deformation Study of Temperature-Sensitive Hydrogel PDF
Jianying Hu, Zhiwei Ding
Analytical solution of swell-induced surface instability for graded hydrogel layers PDF
Zhigen Wu, Rui Huang
Intermittency in brittle cracks: Model experiment in artificial rocks PDF
Jonathan Barés, Lamine Hattali