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General Papers

Influence of deformation-induced alpha prime martensite on the crack initiation mechanism in a metastable austenitic steel in the HCF and VHCF regime PDF
Martina Zimmermann, Andrei Grigorescu, Carsten Mueller-Bollenhagen
The effect of damage accumulation in slip bands on the resonant behavior in the very high cycle fatigue (VHCF) regime PDF
Philipp Hilgendorff, Andrei Grigorescu, Martina Zimmermann
Finite element modeling of the coupling between thermal dissipation and fish-eye crack growth in very high cycle fatigue regime PDF
Laurent Gallimard, Quan H. Nguyen, Claude Bathias
The significance of two-phase plasticity for the crack initiation process during very high cycle fatigue of duplex steel PDF
Alexander Giertler, Marcus Söker, Benjamin Dönges
Interlaminar shear strength for three kinds of ceramic matrix composites at 1173K PDF
Jianjie Gou, Chengyu Zhang, Shengru Qiao
Modeling the effect of residual stress on the ductile fracture behavior of an aluminum alloy 5083-H116 PDF
Xiaosheng Gao, Jun Zhou
Stress-Controlled and Stress-and-Strain Controlled Criteria of Brittle Fracture in Local Approach PDF
Victoria Shvetsova, Boris Margolin, Alexander Gulenko
Local Approach Applied to the Fracture Toughness of Resistance Spot Welds PDF
Florent Krajcarz, Anne-Françoise Gourgues-Lorenzon, Emmanuel Lucas
Mesh Dependence of Transverse Cracking in Laminated Stainless Steel with both High Strength and High Ductility PDF
Xian Guo, Wenjun Zhang, Jian Lu
On propagation of interface cracks parallel to free boundaries in relation to delamination of multilayered coatings PDF
Konstantin B. Ustinov, Robert Goldstein
Evaluation of fracture toughness and impact toughness of laser rapid manufactured Inconel-625 structures and their co-relation PDF
Ganesh Puppala Ganesh Puppala, Aniruddha Moitra, S. Sathyanarayanan
Separation of the Energy Release Rate of Fracture PDF
Tianmin Guo
Fracture toughness measurements on bovine enamel by indentation techniques PDF
J. Rodríguez, M.A. Garrido, L. Ceballos
Biomechanical Evaluation of the Osseointegration of Biologically Coated Open-Cell Titanium Implants PDF
Teodolito Guillén Giron, Arne Ohrndorf, Hans-Jürgen Christ
Modeling of cracked structures containing voids subjected to fatigue and dynamic loads using XFEM PDF
Mohamed Riad KIRED, Brahim Elkhalil HACHI, Mohamed GUESMI
Mixed mode computation of the dynamic stress intensity factor for cracked 2D structures with inclusion using XFEM PDF
Alaa Eddine HOUA, Brahim Elkhalil HACHI, Mohamed GUESMI
T-stress evaluation in nonhomogeneous materials under thermal loading by means of interaction energy integral method PDF
Fengnan Guo, Licheng Guo, Hongjun Yu
Torsional properties of bamboo-like structured Cu nanowires PDF
Haifei Zhan, Yuantong Gu
Modeling of Damage Evolution in Particulate Reinforced Composites with VCFEM PDF
Ran Guo, Wenyan Zhang, Benning Qu
Performance Deregulation Rule of Aircraft Fatigue Critical Components in Consideration of Calendar Environment PDF
Chao Gao, Yuting He, Haiwei Zhang
A Mechanism-Based Approach for Predicting Ductile Fracture of Metallic Alloys PDF
Xiaosheng Gao
Numerical Simulation Method of radiation damage effects in plate-type dispersion nuclear fuel elements PDF
Yunmei Zhao, Shurong Ding, Xin Gong
A new macroscopic model based on non-local interactions to predict damage and failure in quasibrittle materials PDF
Laura B. Rojas-Solano, David Grégoire, Gilles Pijaudier-Cabot
Anti-plane problem of a lip-shape crack in one-dimensional hexagonal quasi-crystal materials PDF
Jing Yu, JunHong Guo, YongMing Xing
The Effect of the Changing State of Stress Around the Crack Tip on the Determination of Stress Intensity Factors by the Method of Caustics PDF
Emmanuel Gdoutos
Effects of loading rate and temperature on crack arrest behavior of hull steel in stiffened plate construction PDF
Chunhuan Guo, Yanmei Song, Fengchun Jiang
Effect of Loading Frequency in Fatigue Properties and Micro-Plasticity Behavior of JIS S15C Low Carbon Steel PDF
Benjamin Guennec, Akira Ueno, Tatsuo Sakai
A Prediction Model for Low Cycle Fatigue Crack Initiation under Axial Loading PDF
Yajun Zhang, Lingqing Gao, Chunfen Wang
Effect of different micro-arc oxidation coating layer types on fatigue life of 2024-T4 alloy PDF
Xi-Shu Wang, Xing-Wu Guo, Xu-Dong Li
Fatigue damage indicators based on the infrared thermographic method PDF
Pei.J. Hou, Xing.L. Guo, Fang Han
Fatigue Cracking Paths and Compliance Analysis in Round Bars under Tension and Bending PDF
Jesús Toribio, Juan-Carlos Matos, Beatriz González
Role of Surface Defects in the Initiation of Fatigue Cracks in Pearlitic Steel PDF
Jesús Toribio, Juan-Carlos Matos, Beatriz González
The Attenuation and Dispersion Analyses in Porous and Fractured Medium with Arbitrary Fracture Fill PDF
Liyun Kong, Boris Gurevich
The interphase elasto-plastic damaging model PDF
Giuseppe Giambanco, Giuseppe Fileccia Scimemi, Antonino Spada
A New Test Method for High-Temperature Fracture of Alloys and Some Corresponding Results PDF
Shaoqin Zhang, Wanlin Guo
On Mixed-Mode Fracture PDF
Christopher Harvey Christopher Harvey, Liangliang Guan
Fracture of Low-dimensional Nanomaterials PDF
Wanlin Guo, Yufeng Guo
Critical Strain Based Ductile Damage Criterion and its Application to Mechanical Damage in Pipelines PDF
Ming Gao, Rav Krishnamurthy
API 579 G-factors for K Calculations and Improvements For Assessment of Crack-like Flaws in Pipelines PDF
Shaikh Rahman, Ming Gao
3D Analysis of Amorphous Polymers Deformation under Mode I PDF
Shu Guo, Rafael Estevez
A Damage Model for Sandwich Plate with Viscoelastic Core in three-Points Bending Fatigue Experiments PDF
Xue QiChao, Zou GuangPing
The interface debond analysis for sandwich beam with viscoelastic core and steel faceplates PDF
Zou GuangPing, Xue QiChao
Exploring the contributions of variable network structure on rubber elasticity using model silicone elastomers PDF
Anju R. Babu, Namrata Gundiah
Influence of different microstructures of the welding zone on the fatigue crack growth behaviour of HSLA steels PDF
B. Maier, Ch. Guster
Influence of micro-shrinkage on the fatigue behavior of ductile iron PDF
Paul Kainzinger, Christoph Guster
Residual Stresses Induced by Surface Enhancement Processes PDF
Yukui Gao, Zheng Zhong
Electroelastic analysis of four mode-III cracks originating from a circular hole in piezoelectric materials PDF
JunHong Guo, ZiXing Lu
Modeling of Mechanical Response and Progressive Failure of Tri-axially Woven SiCf-SiC Composites PDF
S. G. Kulkarni, X.-L. Gao
Size effects on compressive strength from a statistical physics perspective PDF
Jérôme Weiss, Lucas Girard
AE monitoring and structural modeling of the Asinelli Tower in Bologna PDF
Alberto Carpinteri, Giuseppe Giuseppe
Mechanics of Graphene Bubbles PDF
Peng Wang, Wei Gao