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General Papers

The invariant integral: Some news PDF
Genady P. Cherepanov
The Cottrell Legacy: Metamorphosis of ICF into the World Academy of Structural Integrity 2011-2021 PDF
Alberto Carpinteri, David M.R. Taplin
A pipeline approach to developing virtual tests for composite materials PDF
Brian Cox, Hrishikesh Bale, Matthew Blacklock
A Vibration Energy Harvester with Internal Impact and Hybrid Transduction Mechanisms PDF
Songmao Chen
Anti-plane moving polarization saturation crack in ferroelectric solids PDF
Hao-Sen Chen, Dai-Ning Fang
Subsurface non defect fatigue crack origin and local plasticity exhaustion PDF
Guocai Chai
Application of Dang Van criterion to rolling contact fatigue in wind turbine roller bearings PDF
Michele Cerullo
Gigacycle fatigue behaviors in Fusion Zone and Heat Affected Zone of Q345 LA steel welded joints PDF
Liu Yongjie, Tian Renhui, He Chao
Effect of aging condition on fatigue strength of maraging steel in long life region PDF
Qiang Chen, Qingyuan Wang, Norio Kawagoishi
Implementation of the extended finite element method for hydraulic fracture problems PDF
Zuorong Chen
Novel direct method on the life prediction of component under high temperature—creep fatigue conditions PDF
Haofeng Chen
Based on cycle strain damage prediction of the crack growth behavior of elliptic surface crack PDF
Long Chen, Lixun Cai, Kaikai Shi
Effect of pitch difference on anti-loosening performance for high strength bolts and nuts PDF
Xin Chen, Yu-Ichiro Akaishi, Nao-Aki Noda
Research on the new low temperature self-protective pasty boronizing processes of thermal power plant economizer pipe PDF
Jianjun He, Jian Chen, Yan Ren
Effect of SiC partilces on fatigue crack propagation of spray-formed SiC particulate-reinforced Al–Si alloy composites PDF
Wei Li, Jian Chen, Jianjun He
Comparing crack growth testing and simulation results under thermo-mechanical fatigue conditions PDF
Ramesh Chandwani, Christopher M. Timbrell, Steve Jacques
Null-field integral approach for the piezoelectricity problems with arbitrary elliptical inhomogeneities PDF
Ying-Te Lee, Jeng-Tzong Chen, Shyh-Rong Kuo
Parameters affecting cleavage fracture in duplex stainless steels PDF
Guocai Chai, Peter Stenvall
Scatter of measured KIC related to the scatters of local parameters Xf, σf and εpc PDF
Jian Hong Chen, Rui Cao
Finite Element Simulation of Crack Propagation for α-Ti Based on Cohesive Zone Law Deriving from Molecular Dynamics PDF
Yi Liao, Xiangguo Zeng, Jun Chen
On bifurcation of homogenous deformation in metallic glasses PDF
Yan Chen, Lanhong Dai
Solidification Cracking of IN 718 TIG Welds PDF
Myriam Brochu, Alexis Chiocca, Rafael Navalon-Cabanes
Ultrasonic Spot Welding of Lightweight Alloys PDF
V.K. Patel, S.D. Bhole, D.L. Chen
Influence of high temperature ageing on the toughness of advanced heat resistant materials PDF
Mattias Calmunger, Guocai Chai, Sten Johansson
Free edge coupling effect of piezoelectric cross-ply laminated plates PDF
Chao Han Chao Han, Zhangjian Wu
Fracture toughness measurements on bovine enamel by indentation techniques PDF
J. Rodríguez, M.A. Garrido, L. Ceballos
Study of the Mechanical Properties of Bones Under Fracture Healing Conditions with Specific Medical Treatments, Using 4 Point Bending Tests and Ultra-Micro Indentation Techniques PDF
Soraya Diego, Estela Ruiz, José A. Casado
Determination of the mechanical properties of normal and calcified human mitral chordae tendineae PDF
José A. Casado, Soraya Diego, Diego Ferreño
Understanding Backspatter due to Skull Fracture from a Ballistic Projectile PDF
Raj Das, Justin Fernandez, Alistair Collins
Biomechanical Evaluation of the Osseointegration of Biologically Coated Open-Cell Titanium Implants PDF
Teodolito Guillén Giron, Arne Ohrndorf, Hans-Jürgen Christ
The Crack Growth Behavior in electrolyte membrane under Mechanical-electrochemical Loading PDF
Yun J Chen, Yi Sun, Yi Z Liu
Cracking simulation of ceramic materials under thermal shock by a non-local fracture model PDF
Li Jia, Song Fan, Jiang Chiping
Computational Method for Crack Layer Model PDF
Haiying Zhang Haiying Zhang, Alexander Chudnovsky
Random elasto-plastic lattice modeling of damage in fibrous materials PDF
Keqiang Hu, Zengtao Chen, K. C. Li
Advanced remeshing techniques for complex 3D crack propagation PDF
Vincent Chiaruttini, Vincent Riolo, Frederic Feyel
I. Iturrioz, G. Lacidogna, A. Carpinteri
Particle simulation of AE statistics and fracture in concrete TPB test PDF
Alberto Carpinteri, Giuseppe Lacidogna, Stefano Invernizzi
Numerical Modeling on the Stress-Strain Response and Fracture of Modeled Recycled Aggregate Concrete PDF
Wengui Li, Jianzhuang Xiao, David J. Corr
Initiation and Propagation Behavior of a Fatigue Crack of Maraging Steel in High Humidity PDF
Qiang Chen, Takanori Nagano, Yuzo Nakamura
Crystallographic texture helps reduce HIC cracking in pipeline steels PDF
José M. Hallen, Victoria Venegas, Francisco Caleyo
G Pluvinage, J Capelle, Z Azari
Plastic factor of front face compact tension specimens PDF
Application of a novel finite element method to design of splices in a fiber metal subjected to coupled thermo-mechanical loading PDF
XueCheng Ping, MengCheng Chen, BingBing Zheng
Microstructure and properties of welding joint of 8%Ni high strength steel PDF
R. Cao, J. H. Chen, Y. Peng
Ferritic-pearlitic ductile cast irons: is ΔK a useful parameter? PDF
Francesco Iacoviello, Vittorio Di Cocco, Alessandra Rossi, Mauro Cavallini
Singular Thermo-Elastic Stress Analysis of An Irregular Shaped Inclusion PDF
MengCheng Chen, XueCheng Pin
Experimental observation and constitutive equations of fracture propagation PDF
Aleksander Chudnoysky
In-situ SEM/EBSD Study of Deformation and Fracture Behaviour of Flake Cast Iron PDF
Mattias Lundberg Mattias Lundberg, Mattias Calmunger, Ru Lin Peng
An Advanced Damage Percolation Model of Ductile Fracture PDF
Cliff Butcher, Zengtao Chen, Michael Worswick
G Pluvinage, J. Capelle
Three-dimension dynamic simulation of thin epoxy-resin plate and comparison with experiment PDF
Hao Chen, Tomoo Okinaka
Calculation of bearing loads for fractured specimens by FRASTA simulation PDF
Yuguang Cao, Shihua Zhang, Xiaoyu Sun
Using Triaxiality Dependent Cohesive Zone Model in Low Cycle Fatigue PDF
Xuan Cao, Michael Vormwald
Fatigue Life Prediction of Polycrystals under Multiaxial Straining PDF
Gustavo M. Castelluccio, David L. McDowell
Variability of the Fatigue Driving Force within Grains of Polycrystals PDF
Gustavo Castelluccio, David L. McDowell
Experimental Investigation of Mode I Fatigue Crack Growth Behavior of Titanium Foils PDF
Lee Chang-Woo, Liu Liu, W John Holmes
Fatigue crack growth in a metastable austenitic stainless steel PDF
D.F. Martelo, M.D. Chapetti
Fatigue life prediction based on a mechanism-based simulation of crack initiation and short crack growth in forged Ti-6Al-4V PDF
Hans-Jürgen Christ, Helge Knobbe, Philipp Köster
Fatigue life and initiation mechanisms in wrought Inconel 718 DA for different microstructures PDF
Meriem Abikchi, Thomas Billot, Jerome Crepin
Thermal Mechanical Fatigue of Coke Drum Materials PDF
Jie Chen, Zihui Xia
Impact Fatigue Life Prediction of the Wind Tunnel Balance PDF
Ding CHEN, JunHui Bu, FengJing SHEN
The Higher Order Crack Tip Fields for FGMs Spherical Shell with Reissner’s Effect PDF
Yao Dai, Xiao Chong, Lei Zhang
Accuracy of Acoustic Emission Localization for Masonry Structures Monitoring PDF
Jie Xu, Giuseppe Lacidogna, Alberto Carpinteri
A validation study for a new SHM technology (ICM) under operational environment PDF
Zhi Wang, Jiakun Cai
Correlation between Acoustic Emission and Seismicity in the Sacred Mountain of Varallo Renaissance Complex in Ital PDF
Alberto Carpinteri, Giuseppe Lacidogna
Measurement of Internal Stress and Internal Resistance Resulting from Creep of Type 316H Stainless Steel PDF
Bo Chen, David J. Smith
Creep and fracture behaviors of an advanced heat resistant austenitic stainless steel for A-USC power plant PDF
Guocai Chai, Patrik Kjellström
Damage and fracture behaviours in advanced heat resistant materials during slow strain rate test at high temperature PDF
Mattias Calmunger, Guocai Chai
Pre-kinking analysis of a cracked piezoelectric strip under impact loadings PDF
Zengtao Chen, Keqiang Hu
Digital Speckle Interferometry Method for Research of Dynamic Processes PDF
Michael N. Osipov, Anton N. Chekmenev
Behavior of interface crack in layered structure under actions of both stress wave and residual stress PDF
ChenWu Wu, XinXin Cheng
Crack growth stability analysis with respect to boundary disturbance PDF
Hao Chen
Damage Identification and Influence on Mechanical Properties of Closed Cell Rigid Foams PDF
Liviu Marsavina, Dan M. Constantinescu
Thermal Stability of Microstructure and Mechanical Properties of Ultrafine-Grained Pure Titanium PDF
Shankun Chen, Qiaoyan Sun
Fracture initiation and size effect in V-notched structures under mixed mode loading PDF
Pietro Cornetti, Alberto Sapora, Alberto Carpinteri
On Mixed-Mode Fracture PDF
Christopher Harvey Christopher Harvey, Liangliang Guan
The effect of thickness on components of the non-singular T-stress under mixed mode loading PDF
Yury G. Matvienko, Alexander S. Chernyatin
Constraint Effect in Fracture: Investigation of Cruciform Specimens using the J-A2 Method PDF
Larry Sharpe, Yuh Chao
Thermo-elastic analysis of a cracked substrate bonded to a coating using the hyperbolic heat conduction theory PDF
Zengtao Chen, Keqiang Hu
Pre-kinking analysis of a mixed-mode crack in a magnetoelectroelastic layer PDF
Keqiang Hu, Zengtao Chen
Experimental Study on Propagation Rule of Semi-elliptical Surface Crack in Steel Plate Strengthened with FRP under Cyclic Bending Load PDF
Zhao Chuanyu, Huang Peiyan
A Self-consistent Model in the Local Residual Stress Evaluation of 316H Stainless Steel PDF
Jianan Hu, Bo Chen
Fracture Toughness of SE(B) Specimens of Steel in the Presence of Splitting PDF
Pablo J. Lara Melcher, Enrique M. Castrodeza
Micro-cutting tests: a new way to measure the fracture toughness and yield stress of polymeric nanocomposites PDF
Hongjian Wang, Li Chang
Toughness Enhancement in Nanocomposite Thermosets with Application to Carbon-Epoxy System PDF
Catalin Radu Picu, Dan Mihai Constantinescu
On fracture toughness JIC testing of martensitic stainless steels PDF
Jianqiang Chen, Yves Verreman
Subhash Chanda
The Effect of Nano- and Micro-Fillers on the Strength and Toughness of PIR Foams Obtained From Renewable Resources PDF
Janis Andersons, Ugis Cabulis
A Numerical Model to Simulate the Pullout of Carbon Fibre with Radially Grown Carbon Nanotubes PDF
Yuanyuan Jia, Zuorong Chen
Observations and Analysis of Fatigue Crack Growth in Circular Notched Polyethylene Specimens PDF
Byoung-Ho Choi, Ilhyun Kim
Dynamic response of an interface crack between magnetoelectroelastic and functionally graded elastic layers PDF
Keqiang Hu, Zengtao Chen
Ideal strength of twinned and perfect NiTi martensite crystal PDF
Petr Sestak, Miroslav Cerny
Mechanical and Fracture Behavior of Gelatin Gels M. PDF
M. Czerner, J. Martucci
Fractional-order Modeling of Linear Viscoelastic Creep in Hami Melon PDF
Zheng Xu, Wen Chen
Non-Gaussian statistics and extreme events on experimental facture surfaces PDF
Yuanyuan Cao, Stephane Vernede
Evaluation of Strength Statistics of Quasibrittle Structures Based on Mean Size Effect Analysis PDF
Jia-Liang Le, Augusto Cannone Falchetto
AE monitoring and structural modeling of the Asinelli Tower in Bologna PDF
Alberto Carpinteri, Giuseppe Giuseppe
ECCI and EBSD Study of Subsurface Damages in High Speed Turning of Inconel 718 under Different Tools and Machining Parameters PDF
Zhe Chen, Ru Lin Peng