Presentations and Authors

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Aeronautics & Aerospace

Damage of Protective Coating Due to Unstable Engine Running PDF
M. Kianicová, S. Pospíšilová, M. Záhoran

Atomistic Fracture & Deformation

Atomic-scale Deformation Kinematics for Bicrystal Grain Boundaries under Shear Loading PDF
G.J. Tucker, D.L. McDowell, J.A. Zimmerman
Molecule Mechanics Simulation on the Deformation and Damage Process in POSS Nanocomposite PDF
Y. Sun, J. Li, F.L. Zeng
Molecular Dynamics Study of Interfacial Cohesive Zone Law: Elastic Constant Effects PDF
X. W. Zhou, N. R. Moody, R. E. Jones, J. A. Zimmerman, E. D. Reedy

Concrete & Cementitous Materials

Effect of the loading rate on the fracture behavior of high-strength concrete PDF
G. Ruiz, X.X. Zhang, R.C. Yu, J.R. del Viso, R. Porras, E. Poveda

Constraints Effects

Account of mismatching effect based on constraint in welded joints and fracture toughness predication PDF
Zhong- An Chen, Guang- Zhi Li, Yuh J. Chao, Jing Zeng
Effect of Residual Stress on Fracture Behavior by Cohesive Zone Modeling PDF
X.B. Ren, Z.L. Zhang, B. Nyhus
Effective Experimental Measurement and Constraint Quantification of J-R Curves for X80 Pipeline Steel ∀ PDF
X.K. Zhu, B.N. Leis, G. Shen, W.R. Tyson
R-Curve Modelling with Constraint Effect PDF
D.W. Zhou, W.G. Xu Xu, S.D. Smith Smith

Corrosion, Environmentally Assisted Cracking and Corrosion Fatigue

Stress corrosion cracking of oil and gas pipelines PDF
Wayne Zheng

Damage & Micro-Mechanics

Effect of the Lode Parameter on Ductile Fracture
X. Gao, T. Zhang, C. Roe, M. Hayden
Plastic Strain Hardening Effect on Ductile Fracture Resistance PDF
P. A. Eikrem, Z.L. Zhang, E. Østby, B. Nyhus

Failure Analysis

A Study of Crack Paths of Two-dimensional Multi-fibre Microcomposites PDF
T. Zeng, D. Fang, S . Yan, Y. Guo
Interfacial Failure Mechanism of 316LSS Diffusion Bonded Joints PDF
Shu Xin Li, Fu Zhen Xuan, Shan Tung Tu, Shu Rong Yu


Effect of Deformation-Induced Martensite on the Fatigue Behavior of Metastable Austenitic Stainless Steels PDF
H.-J. Christ, U. Krupp, C. Mueller-Bollenhagen, I. Roth, M. Zimmermann
Effects of Residual Stresses on Fatigue Crack Propagation in Friction Stir Welded 2198-T8 and 2195-T8 Al-Li Alloy Joints PDF
Y.E. MA, P. E. Irving, T Fischer, X. Zhang, G. Servetti
Mechanisms of Fatigue Failure of Nickel-Base Alloys at Room and Elevated Temperatures in the Very High Cycle Regime PDF
M. Zimmermann, C. Stöcker, H.-J. Christ
Practical Advantages of the Local Strain Energy Approach for Fatigue Strength Assessments of Welded Joints PDF
F. Berto, P. Lazzarin, M. Zappalorto, F.J. Gómez

Fracture Processes and Reliability In Micro- and Nanoelectronics, Geophysics & Tectonics, Fracture Of Membranes

Detection and analysis of fracture initiation in microelectronic packages using methods of digital speckle correlation and fiber Bragg grating PDF
Hua Lu, Ming Zhou, Xijia Gu

Hydrogen Embrittlement

Modeling of the processes of hydrogen absorption and hydrogen cracking of steels PDF
R.V. Goldstein, Yu.V. Zhitnikov

Impact & Dynamics

Dynamic fracture behavior of high-strength concrete studied by means of a drop-weight impact machine PDF
X.X. Zhang, G. Ruiz, R.C. Yu, M. Tarifa
The Study of Honeycomb Material Dynamic Mechanical Properties which Under Out-plane Impact Load PDF
ZOU Guangping, CHANG Zhongliang, LIANG Jun, LU Jie

MEMS, Metallic & Lightweight Alloys, Materials In A Space Environment

Multi-layer metallic composites as strong electrode structures for MEMS PDF
D.F. Bahr, A. Bellou, N. Overman, H.M. Zbib