Presentations and Authors

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Atomistic Fracture & Deformation

Atomic Mechanisms of Structural Reconstruction of FCC Metallic Nanowires in the Process of Tension Deformation PDF
M.D. Starostenkov, A.V. Yashin, N.V. Sinitca, E.A. Dudnik

Concrete & Cementitous Materials

A loading-rate dependent cohesive model to simulate concrete fracture PDF
R.C. Yu, A.L. Rosa, G. Ruiz, J.L.A.O. Sousa
Discussion on relationship between fracture energy and fractured area of concrete-to-concrete surfaces PDF
A. Satoh, K. Yamada, S. Ishiyama
Effect of the loading rate on the fracture behavior of high-strength concrete PDF
G. Ruiz, X.X. Zhang, R.C. Yu, J.R. del Viso, R. Porras, E. Poveda

Constraints Effects

Fracture behaviour of 2024 aluminium alloy with discreet 1D residual stress fields PDF
D. T. Asquith, Y. H. Tai, J. R. Yates
Three-dimensional constraint theory´╝ÜBridge the gap from laboratory material tests to fatigue fracture of engineering structures PDF
Wanlin Guo, Peishi Yu, Zhenbo Yu Yu

Corrosion, Environmentally Assisted Cracking and Corrosion Fatigue

Environmentally Assisted Cracking and Corrosion Fatigue Crack Growth of Zr-based Bulk Metallic Glass PDF
Y. Nakai, Y. Yoshioka

Failure Analysis

A Study of Crack Paths of Two-dimensional Multi-fibre Microcomposites PDF
T. Zeng, D. Fang, S . Yan, Y. Guo
Damage Calculations in Whole Evolving Process Actualized for the Materials Behaviors of Structure with Cracks to Use Software Technique PDF
Yu Yangui, Bi Baoxiang, Ma Yanghui, Xu Feng, Pan Yuelong
Effect of Various Shearing Conditions on the Rod Shearing Quality for Large Nuts PDF
G. Y. Tzou, T. M. Wu, M. Z. Yeh


Crack Growth Rate Behaviour and Microstructural Features of Incoloy 800H under Fatigue and Creep-fatigue Conditions PDF
D.Y. Seo, J. Tsang, R. Kearsey, W.J. Yang, K.S. Cho, J.H. Lee, P. Au
Damping of Flexible Structures with PEO Coating PDF
C.X. Wong, D. Asquith, Y.H. Tai, A. L. Yerokhin, J. A. Rongong, J.R. Yates
Effects of Earthquake Loads and Absorbed Hydrogen on the Fatigue Strength Reduction of Notched Component PDF
Y. Kondo, T. Yamanouchi
Analysis of Fracture Data of Conductive Cracks in Lead Zirconate Titanate PIC 151 Ceramics with the Charge-free Zone Model PDF
Tong Yi Zhang
In-situ fatigue test of A36-steel PDF
K. Yamagiwa, D. W. Hoeppner
Isothermal and Thermomechanical Fatigue Behaviour of IN738LC PDF
S. Yandt, D.Y. Seo, P. Au, J. Beddoes
Small Fatigue Crack Behavior and Life Prediction of Pre-Corroded 2024-T62 Aluminum Alloy PDF
J.Z. Liu, B. Chen, X.B. Ye, B.R. Hu, C.F. Ding
Thermomechanical Fatigue Behavior and Lifetime Prediction of Niobium-added Ferritic Stainless Steel PDF
J.G. Jung, Y.J. Oh, W.D. Choi, W.J. Yang

Fracture Processes and Reliability In Micro- and Nanoelectronics, Geophysics & Tectonics, Fracture Of Membranes

Fracture Behaviour of Cracked Functionally Graded Piezoelectric Materials (FGPMs) PDF
Z. Yan, Y. Jiang

Glass, Inverse Problems, History of Fracture Mechnics And Fatigue, Ice Mechanics and IceStructures Interaction

Estimating fatigue damage in a CFRP laminate with a hole using an embedded FBG sensor PDF
S. Yashiro, T. Okabe
An Application of the Passive Electric Potential CT Method for Identification of Plural Delaminations in a Composite Material PDF
Shiro Kubo, Takahide Sakagam, Sayo Yamaguchi, Kensaku Nakatani

High Temperature & Creep

Effect of Multi-axial Stress on the Life of Creep Crack Growth for Welded Joint of P92 Steel PDF
R. Sugiura, A. T. Yokobori Jr, K. Suzuki, M. Tabuchi
Microstructural Evolution and Life Evaluation during Creep/Rupture Process of a Single Crystal Superalloy PDF
H. C. Yu, Y. Li

Hydrogen Embrittlement

A Combined Applied Mechanics/Materials Science Approach Toward Quantifying the Role of Hydrogen on Material Degradation PDF
P. Sofronis, M. Dadfarnia, P. Novak, R. Yuan, B. Somerday, I.M. Robertson
Effects of Hydrogen on Passivity and Stress Corrosion Cracking of Stainless Steels PDF
B. T. Lu, Q. Yang, L. J. Qiao, L.P. Tian, L. Yu, J. L. Luo, Y.C. Lu
Microscopic study on the effect of hydrogen on fatigue crack growth process in a chromium-molybdenum steel PDF
Y. Takahashi, K. Yamaguchi, M. Shigenaga
The Effect of Mechanical Factors on Hydrogen Diffusion and Concentration around a Crack Tip PDF
T. Ohmi, A. T. Yokobori Jr., K. Takei

Impact & Dynamics

Dynamic fracture behavior of high-strength concrete studied by means of a drop-weight impact machine PDF
X.X. Zhang, G. Ruiz, R.C. Yu, M. Tarifa

MEMS, Metallic & Lightweight Alloys, Materials In A Space Environment

Interfacial Fracture in Compliant Substrate Film Systems PDF
M. S. Kennedy, M. J. Cordill, J. Yeager, I. Rook, D. P. Adams, E. D. Reedy, J. A. Emerson, D. F. Bahr, N. R. Moody