Presentations and Authors

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Aeronautics & Aerospace

Crack Growth in Mil Annealed Ti-6AL-4V Structural Components PDF
S. Pitt, R Jones, B. Farahmand
Damage of Protective Coating Due to Unstable Engine Running PDF
M. Kianicová, S. Pospíšilová, M. Záhoran

Analytical Models

Interaction of a Griffith Crack in a Three-Phase Circular Inclusion with two Imperfect Interfaces PDF
P.G. Park, L.J Sudak
Is the edge crack the most dangerous V-notch? PDF
A. Carpinteri, P. Cornetti, N. Pugno, A. Sapora
Procedure to Estimate the Crack Resistance Curve from the Instrumented Charpy V–Notched Impact Test PDF
R. Chaouadia, J.L Puzzolante
Stress intensity factors and the weight function for an elliptical crack. PDF
E. , Atroshchenko, S. Potapenko, G. Glinka

Atomistic Fracture & Deformation

Thermal Conductivity of the Damaged Gold Nanowires PDF
Navin Kumar, Kishore Pochiraju
Elasticity and Strength of Nano-Fiber Reinforced Composites from First Principles PDF
M. ?erný, J. Pokluda
Fracture Toughness of Polycrystalline Tungsten Alloys PDF
B. Gludovatz, S. Wurster, A. Hoffmann, R. Pippan
Thermal Conductivity of the Damaged Gold Nanowires PDF
Navin Kumar, Kishore Pochiraju

Computational Mechanics

Breast Implants Failure: Correlation of Explanted Implants Properties and Patient’s Clinical Data PDF
S. Farè, M.C. Tanzi, A. Pennati, G. Catanuto, A. Spano, M. Nava, S. Bertoldi
Electrochemical Deposition of Calcium Phosphate for Implant Osseointegration and Drug Release PDF
L. De Nardo, D. Pedretti, A. Cigada, R. Chiesa
Fracture Toughness of Carbon Nanotube Reinforced Artificial Bone Tissue PDF
K. PourAkbar Saffar, N. JamilPour, G. Rouhi, A. Raeisi Najafi, A.R. Arshi, L. Sudak
Mode of failure of a biomaterial composite scaffold for bone tissue engineering using synchrotron micro-tomography and finite element analysis PDF
J.L. Milan, C. Sandino, S. Midderhoff, L. Marques, J.A. Planell, D. Lacroix
Structural characterization of chitosan-grafted polyurethanes PDF
P. Petrini, G. Bianchi, C. Perrino, S. Bozzini, M.C. Tanzi

Concrete & Cementitous Materials

Effect of the loading rate on the fracture behavior of high-strength concrete PDF
G. Ruiz, X.X. Zhang, R.C. Yu, J.R. del Viso, R. Porras, E. Poveda

Constraints Effects

The Effect of Out-of-Plane Loading on the Fracture of Aluminium 2024 PDF
M. Mostafavi, D.J. Smith, M.J. Pavier

Corrosion, Environmentally Assisted Cracking and Corrosion Fatigue

A Novel Fracture Mechanics Approach to Determine the Threshold Stress Intensity Factor in Corrosive Environment PDF
Sarvesh Pal, R.K. Singh Raman, R.N. Ibrahim

Damage & Micro-Mechanics

A Cohesive-Frictional Interface Model with Frictional Properties Degradation PDF
G. Borino, B. Failla, F. Parrinello
A micromechanics based model for ductile damage in multiphase and composite metallic alloys combining extended Gurson and homogenization theories PDF
C. Teko?lu, T. Pardoen
Damage and fracture mechanisms in Ti-LCB and Ti-555 alloys : Micromechanical testing and modeling PDF
P. Dufour, N. Clément, A. Lenain, T. Pardoen, P.J. Jacques
Damage measurements after creep tests on samples of HP-40 alloys modified with a low level addition of Nb PDF
R. Voicu, J. Lacaze, E. Andrieu, D. Poquillon, J. Furtado
Experimental and computational analysis of toughness anisotropy in an AA2139 Al-alloy for aerospace applications PDF
T.F. Morgeneyer, J. Besson, H. Proudhon, M.J. Starink, I. Sinclair
Multiscale modeling of the competition between intergranular and transgranular ductile fracture in Al alloys PDF
F. Scheyvaerts, P.R. Onck, Y. Bréchet, T. Pardoen
Non-local ductile damage implementation using three field low order tetrahedral element PDF
H.R. Javani, R.H.J. Peerlings, M.G.D. Geers
The Role of Mg in Void Formation during Plastic Deformation of AA6016 Aluminium Alloys PDF
O. León-García, R. Petrov, L.A.I. Kestens

Failure Analysis

3D crack network during the scratching of a polymer: comparison between experimental results and localized multigrid X-FEM PDF
M.C Baietto Dubourg, J. Rannou, A. Gravouil, H. Pelletier, C. Gauthier, R. Schirrer


3D Characterisation of Short Fatigue Crack in Ti 6246 PDF
S. Birosca, F. A. Garcia-Pastor, M. Karadge, J.Y. Buffiere, M. Preuss
Anisotropic High Cycle Fatigue Behavior and Related Crack Initiation mechanisms in forged steel PDF
E. Pessard, F. Morel, A. Morel, D. Bellett
Cohesive fracture modelling of overload e®ects in fatigue PDF
V. R. Krishnan, K. D. Papoulia
Effect of mean stress on short crack growth and fatigue life in austenitic-ferritic duplex steel PDF
J. Polák, M. Petrenec, K. Obrtlík
Effect of short crack on closure behavior in a 304L austenitic stainless steel PDF
K. Vor, C. Sarrazin-Baudoux, C. Gardin, J. Petit
Fatigue analysis of large slewing bearing using strain-life approach PDF
R. Poto?nik, J. Flašker, S. Glodež
Fatigue Behavior of Vinyl Ester Polymer and Effects of Carbon Nanofiber Reinforcement PDF
A. Plaseied, A. Fatemi
Fatigue Crack Branching Behavior in Dual Phase Material PDF
Guocai Chai, Ru Lin Peng, Karel Slamecka, Sten Johansson
Fatigue Resistance of Hot-dip Galvanized Hot-rolled and High- Silicon TRIP Steel PDF
S. Aden-Ali, A. Chamat, J. Gilgert, E. Petit, S. Dominiak, L. Schmitt, M. Gilles, Z. Azari
In situ three dimensional monitoring and modelling of small corner cracks in airframe Al alloys PDF
H. Proudhon, A. Moffat, J.-Y. Buffière, I. Sinclair
A generalized dimensional analysis approach to fatigue crack growth PDF
M. Ciavarella, M. Paggi, A. Carpinteri
Shot Peening Effects on Fatigue Life PDF
A. Plumtree
Slip Localization and Dislocation Structure at Early Stages of Fatigue Damage in Austenitic Stainless Steel (316L) PDF
A. Weidner, J. Man, W. Skrotzki, J. Polák
Some Considerations on the Prediction of Fatigue Crack Growth Retardation in Structural Materials PDF
M. V. Pereira, F.A. Darwish, A. F. Camarão, S. H. Motta
Study of Crack Propagation by Infrared Thermography during Very High Cycle Fatigue Regime PDF
N. Ranc, L. Illoul, D. Wagner, P. C. Paris, C. Bathias
Surface Relief Evolution in 316L Steel Fatigued at Depressed and Elevated Temperatures PDF
J. Man, M. Petrenec, P. Klapetek, K. Obrtlík, J. Polák
The Effect of Microstructure on Fatigue Crack Initiation in Ti-6Al-4V PDF
A.L. Pilchak, A. Bhattacharjee, R.E.A. Williams, J.C. Williams

Fracture Processes and Reliability In Micro- and Nanoelectronics, Geophysics & Tectonics, Fracture Of Membranes

A method to improve the reliability and the fatigue life of power device substrates PDF
S. Pietranico, S. Pommier, S. Lefebvre, S. Pattofatto
Basalt Columns and Crack Formation during Directional Drying of Colloidal Suspensions in Capillary Tubes PDF
V. Lazarus, G. Gauthier, L. Pauchard, C. Maurini, C. Valdivia
Characterizing Fracture Energy of Proton Exchange Membrane (PEM) Using a Knife Slit Test PDF
K.A. Patankar, Y. Li, D.A. Dillard, S.W. Case, M.W. Ellis, Y. Lai, C. Gittleman, M. Budinski
Fracture Modeling of Interface Junctions on the Base of Multiscale Crack Bridging Concept PDF
M. Perelmuter
On the mechanics of buckling–delamination in compliant laminates PDF
R. H. J. Peerlings, E. D. Kleijne, E. van Veenendaal, P. C. P. Bouten

Glass, Inverse Problems, History of Fracture Mechnics And Fatigue, Ice Mechanics and IceStructures Interaction

Glass Formation in Fe50-xCr15Mo14C15B6Mx (M= Y, Gd and x= 0,2) Bulk Metallic Glasses PDF
A. Bouchareb, R. Piccin, B. Bendjemil, M. Baricco
Mechanical eect of capillary forces in the crack tip of a DCDC specimen PDF
M. Ciccotti, G. Pallares, L. Ponson, A. Grimaldi, M. George

High Temperature & Creep

High temperature mechanical strength and microstructural stability of advanced 9-12%Cr steels and ODS steels. PDF
B. Fournier, M. Salvi, C. Caës, J. Malaplate, F. Dalle, M. Sauzay, Y. de Carlan, A. Pineau
Influence of Hold Times on Fatigue Life and Fracture Behavior of Cast Superalloy INCONEL 713LC at 700°C PDF
K. Obrtlík, J. Man, M. Petrenec, J. Polák, T. Podrábský

Hydrogen Embrittlement

Cold Cracking Delay Times for Single Pass Weld Metal PDF
R. Holdstock, N. Pussegoda, V. Semiga, D. Begg
Effect of Hydrogen Concentration on the Ultrasonic Propagation Properties in 304 Stainless Steel PDF
Yebo Lu, Wenbin Kan, Hongliang Pan
Effect of hydrogen pickup on fracture behaviour of stainless steels PDF
R.C. Prasad, S. Roychowdhury, V. Kain
Environmentally Assisted Cracking of Magnesium Alloys PDF
W. Dietzel, M. Pfuff, N. Winzer, A. Atrens

Impact & Dynamics

Anomalous Behavior of Strength and Yield Limits under Short Pulse Loading. Possible Explanation of Embrittlement of Nuclear Constructional Materials Irradiated at Elevated Temperatures PDF
Yuri Petrov, Vladimir Bratov
Impact fatigue damage of glass/epoxy plates predicted from three parameters model PDF
K. Azouaoui, S. Benmedakhene, A. Laksimi, Z. Azari, G. Pluvinage
Numerical Simulations of Dynamic Fracture PDF
Vladimir Bratov, Yuri Petrov
Determination and definition of fracture toughness of dynamically loaded ductile cast iron PDF
H.-P. Winkler, R. Hüggenberg, A. Ludwig, G. Pusch, P. Trubitz

MEMS, Metallic & Lightweight Alloys, Materials In A Space Environment

Fatigue and fracture toughness properties of large-bloom mixed-microstructure heat-treated steels PDF
D. Firrao, P. Matteis, P. Russo Spena, G.M.M. Mortarino, G. Silva, B. Rivolta, R. Gerosa, M.R. Pinasco, M.G. Ienco, M. Fabbreschi
Near threshold fatigue crack PDF
S. Richard, C. Sarrazin Baudoux, J. Petit
Nucleation, growth and coalescence of voids in dual phase steels: from model microstructures to microstructure based modeling PDF
A.P. Pierman, C. Teko?lu, T. Pardoen, P.J. Jacques