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Aeronautics & Aerospace

Through-Life Assessment of Ductile Tearing under Low-Constraint PDF
V.P. Naumenko
About Accumulation Rules for Life Time Prediction under Variable Loading PDF
I.V. Namestnikova, S.E. Mikhailov

Analytical Models

Improvement of Slice Synthesis Methodology to Estimate Stress Intensity Factor of an Embedded Crack in a finite body PDF
Koji GOTOH, Yukinobu NAGATA
Prediction of Fracture Energy of IN738LC Superalloy using Neural Networks PDF
Nafisa Bano, Atef Fahim, Michel Nganbe

Atomistic Fracture & Deformation

Fracture Between Self-Assembled Monolayers PDF
K. M. Liechti, M. Wakamatsu, B. Doynov, M. Y. Ngai, M.J. Krische

Computational Mechanics

Breast Implants Failure: Correlation of Explanted Implants Properties and Patient’s Clinical Data PDF
S. Farè, M.C. Tanzi, A. Pennati, G. Catanuto, A. Spano, M. Nava, S. Bertoldi
Numerical Estimation of Crack Behaviour and Apparent Fracture Toughness of Layered Composites with Strong Interfaces PDF
L. Šestáková, L. Náhlík, P. Huta?

Constraints Effects

Effect of Constraint on Stretch Zone Width and Fracture Toughness of Structural Steels PDF
N. Narasaiah, M. Tarafder, S. Sivaprasad, S. Tarafder
Effect of Residual Stress on Fracture Behavior by Cohesive Zone Modeling PDF
X.B. Ren, Z.L. Zhang, B. Nyhus
Effect of specimen crack depth and thickness on Initiation Fracture Behaviour of Highly Ductile Low Carbon Steels PDF
Sandeep Bansal, S. K. Nath, P.K. Ghosh, S. Ray
In and out-of-plane constraint measures. Uniform description PDF
A. Neimitz, M. Graba
Strain Constraint of Circumferentially Notched Tensile Specimens for the Alternative Fracture Toughness Evaluation PDF
K. Kasaba, A. Nishimura, N. Kazamaki
The Effect of T-stress on Crack Tip Plastic Zones under Mixed Mode Loading Conditions PDF
Qays Nazarali, Xin Wang, Robert Bell

Corrosion, Environmentally Assisted Cracking and Corrosion Fatigue

Environmentally Assisted Cracking and Corrosion Fatigue Crack Growth of Zr-based Bulk Metallic Glass PDF
Y. Nakai, Y. Yoshioka

Damage & Micro-Mechanics

Elastic Field of an Elliptical Inhomogeneity with Polynomial Eigenstrains in Orthotropic Media PDF
C.K. Chan, G.H. Nie
S. Dartois, C. Nadot-Martin, D. Halm, M. Gueguen, A. Dragon, A. Fanget
Plastic Strain Hardening Effect on Ductile Fracture Resistance PDF
P. A. Eikrem, Z.L. Zhang, E. Østby, B. Nyhus

Failure Analysis

Fractographic Analysis of the Effects of Combined Natural Weathering and Seawater on the Performance of GFRE Pipes PDF
N. Merah, S. Nizamuddin, Z. Khan, F. Al-Sulaiman, M. Mehdi


Decrease in Fatigue Crack Initiation Life by Irreversible Hydrogen in Cold Drawn Eutectoid Steel PDF
M. Nakatani, M. Sakihara, K. Minoshima
Effect of tempering temperature on very high cycle fatigue properties of high strength steel PDF
H. Oguma, T. Nakamura
Evaluation of the Effect of Surface Roughness on Crack Initiation Life PDF
G. Deng, K. Nagamoto, Y. Nakano, T. Nakanishi
Y. Nadot
Influence of Grain Size and Aging on Fatigue Behavior of AZ-type Magnesium Alloys PDF
N. Ono, Y. Nishimura
Loading-Frequency Effects on Fatigue Crack Growth Behavior of a Low Carbon Steel in Hydrogen Gas Environment PDF
H. Nishikawa, Y. Oda, H. Noguchi
Low Cycle Fatigue Behaviour of Extruded Magnesium Alloys PDF
K. Shiozawa, M. Nagai, T. Kaminashi
Observation of Fretting Fatigue Cracks by Micro Computed Tomography with Synchrotron Radiation PDF
D. Shiozawa, Y. Nakai, T. Kurimura, K. Kajiwara
Residual Stress Estimation of Welded Tubular K-joints under Fatigue Loads PDF
C. Acevedo, A. Nussbaumer
Strength Evaluation of Spot Weld in Fatigue Using Double-Cup Specimen PDF
E. Nakayama, M. Miyahara, H. Fujimoto, Y. Hirose, K. Fukui, T. Kitamura

Glass, Inverse Problems, History of Fracture Mechnics And Fatigue, Ice Mechanics and IceStructures Interaction

Hybrid Moiré Method for Three-dimensional Stress Analysis PDF
S. Ri, T. Numayama, M. Saka
An Application of the Passive Electric Potential CT Method for Identification of Plural Delaminations in a Composite Material PDF
Shiro Kubo, Takahide Sakagam, Sayo Yamaguchi, Kensaku Nakatani

Hydrogen Embrittlement

A Combined Applied Mechanics/Materials Science Approach Toward Quantifying the Role of Hydrogen on Material Degradation PDF
P. Sofronis, M. Dadfarnia, P. Novak, R. Yuan, B. Somerday, I.M. Robertson
Hydrogen Exposure Effect on Tensile Strength of High Strength steel Sharp Notched Specimen PDF
Yuichi Suzuki, Hisatake Itoga, Shigeru Hamada, Hiroshi Noguchi
Microscopic Study on the Effect of Hydrogen on Deformation Process near Stage II Fatigue Crack Tip PDF
Y. Takahashi, M. Tanaka, K. Higashida, H. Noguchi

MEMS, Metallic & Lightweight Alloys, Materials In A Space Environment

Wear of Hadfield Austenitic Manganese Steel Casting PDF
J.O Agunsoye, S.A Balogun, D.E Esezobor, M Nganbe