Presentations and Authors

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Aeronautics & Aerospace

Fibre-Metal Laminates and Variable-Amplitude Loading PDF
S. U. Khan, R. C. Alderliesten, J. Schijne, R. Benedictus

Analytical Models

Stress intensity factors and the weight function for an elliptical crack. PDF
E. , Atroshchenko, S. Potapenko, G. Glinka
Unified Representation and Evaluation of the Strength Hypotheses PDF
V.A. Kolupaev, A. Bolchoun, H. Altenbach

Atomistic Fracture & Deformation

A Method for Combining Experimentation and Molecular Dynamics Simulation to Improve Cohesive Zone Models for Metallic Microstructures PDF
J.D. Hochhalter, E. H. Glaessgen, A. R. Ingraffea, W. A. Aquino

Computational Mechanics

Fracture Toughness of Carbon Nanotube Reinforced Artificial Bone Tissue PDF
K. PourAkbar Saffar, N. JamilPour, G. Rouhi, A. Raeisi Najafi, A.R. Arshi, L. Sudak

Concrete & Cementitous Materials

Damage Quantification of Concrete Surface Layers by Semi-Variogram Analysis PDF
Tetsuya Suzuki, Masao Aoki, Masayasu Ohtsu

Constraints Effects

A Modified Weibull Stress Model for Cleavage Fracture that Incorporates Threshold Toughness PDF
T.L. Anderson, B.D. Rose
Account of mismatching effect based on constraint in welded joints and fracture toughness predication PDF
Zhong- An Chen, Guang- Zhi Li, Yuh J. Chao, Jing Zeng
Fracture behaviour of 2024 aluminium alloy with discreet 1D residual stress fields PDF
D. T. Asquith, Y. H. Tai, J. R. Yates

Corrosion, Environmentally Assisted Cracking and Corrosion Fatigue

Grain Boundary Engineering to Control the Intergranular Stress Corrosion Cracking of Pipeline Steel PDF
M.A. Arafin, J.A. Szpunar
Study of Liquid Metal Embrittlement of steels by EBSD PDF
T. Auger, L. Medina-Almazan, C. Rey, P. Bompard, D. Gorse

Damage & Micro-Mechanics

A stress-triaxiality-dependent damage model and fracture criterion for aluminum alloys PDF
M. Brünig, S. Gerke, D. Albrecht
Damage measurements after creep tests on samples of HP-40 alloys modified with a low level addition of Nb PDF
R. Voicu, J. Lacaze, E. Andrieu, D. Poquillon, J. Furtado
Strain localization analysis deduced from a large strain elasticplastic self-consistent model for multiphase steels PDF
G. Franz, F. Abed-Meraim, T. Ben Zineb, X. Lemoine, M. Berveiller

Failure Analysis

AWhole-Structure Approach to the Influence of Residual Stress on Fracture PDF
C.J. Aird, D.J. Smith
A. El-Batahgy, G. Fathy, M. Amin
Fractographic Analysis of the Effects of Combined Natural Weathering and Seawater on the Performance of GFRE Pipes PDF
N. Merah, S. Nizamuddin, Z. Khan, F. Al-Sulaiman, M. Mehdi


Crack Growth Rate Behaviour and Microstructural Features of Incoloy 800H under Fatigue and Creep-fatigue Conditions PDF
D.Y. Seo, J. Tsang, R. Kearsey, W.J. Yang, K.S. Cho, J.H. Lee, P. Au
Damping of Flexible Structures with PEO Coating PDF
C.X. Wong, D. Asquith, Y.H. Tai, A. L. Yerokhin, J. A. Rongong, J.R. Yates
I. Koutiri, F. Morel, D. Bellett, L. Augustins
Effect of Surface Finish on Fatigue of Stainless Steels PDF
S. Al-Shahrani, T.J. Marrow
Fatigue Crack Growth Behavior of P/M Soft Magnetic Material with a High-resistance Surface Layer PDF
R. Tanegashima, H. Akebono, M. Kato, A. Sugeta
Fatigue Resistance of Hot-dip Galvanized Hot-rolled and High- Silicon TRIP Steel PDF
S. Aden-Ali, A. Chamat, J. Gilgert, E. Petit, S. Dominiak, L. Schmitt, M. Gilles, Z. Azari
Isothermal and Thermomechanical Fatigue Behaviour of IN738LC PDF
S. Yandt, D.Y. Seo, P. Au, J. Beddoes
On Some Trends Associated with Stage II Fatigue Crack Growth Behavior of Metals PDF
Tawfik M. Ahmed, Desmond Tromans
Residual Stress Estimation of Welded Tubular K-joints under Fatigue Loads PDF
C. Acevedo, A. Nussbaumer
The Influence of Temperature on Crack Growth in Fibre Metal Laminates PDF
C.D. Rans, R.C. Alderliesten

Fracture Processes and Reliability In Micro- and Nanoelectronics, Geophysics & Tectonics, Fracture Of Membranes

A Hybrid FDM-BIEM Approach for Earthquake Dynamic Rupture Simulation PDF
N. Kame, H. Aochi
Crack and delamination Risk Evaluation in low-k BEol PDF
J. Auersperg, D. Vogel, M.U. Lehr, M. Grillberger, B. Michel

High Temperature & Creep

Superplastic Behavior of AISI 329 Duplex Stainless Steel at High Temperatures under Tensile Loading PDF
F. Taherkhani, J. Aghazadeh Mohandesi, E. Taherkhani
The Influence of the /’ Microstructure Stability on the Very High Temperature/Low Stress Non-isothermal Creep Behavior of a 4th Generation Single Crystal nickel-based Superalloy PDF
M. Arnoux, X. Milhet, J. Mendez, F. Vogel

Hydrogen Embrittlement

Environmentally Assisted Cracking of Magnesium Alloys PDF
W. Dietzel, M. Pfuff, N. Winzer, A. Atrens

Impact & Dynamics

Impact fatigue damage of glass/epoxy plates predicted from three parameters model PDF
K. Azouaoui, S. Benmedakhene, A. Laksimi, Z. Azari, G. Pluvinage

MEMS, Metallic & Lightweight Alloys, Materials In A Space Environment

Effect of Sidewall Morphology on the Fracture and Fatigue Properties of Polysilicon Structural Films PDF
D. H. Alsem, B. L. Boyce, E. A. Stach, R. O. Ritchie
Interfacial Fracture in Compliant Substrate Film Systems PDF
M. S. Kennedy, M. J. Cordill, J. Yeager, I. Rook, D. P. Adams, E. D. Reedy, J. A. Emerson, D. F. Bahr, N. R. Moody
Stress intensity factors of a crack emanating from a cold expanded hole : Effects of edge distance ratio PDF
M. Arian Nik, M.R. Ayatollahi
Stress intensity factors of a crack emanating from a cold expanded hole : Effects of edge distance ratio PDF
M. Arian Nik, M.R. Ayatollahi
Wear of Hadfield Austenitic Manganese Steel Casting PDF
J.O Agunsoye, S.A Balogun, D.E Esezobor, M Nganbe