Digital Repository, ICF12, Ottawa 2009

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MEMS Piezoresistive Sensor for Monitoring Bond Integrity in Adhesively Bonded Patches
H.H. Gharib, W.A. Moussa

Last modified: 2013-05-07


The use of bonded patches in the repair of aircraft cracked structures has theadvantage of reinforcing the cracked structure without inducing stressconcentrations. However, one major limitation to the use of bonded patches inaircraft is the unavailability of a reliable monitoring technique that can monitordebonding of the adhesive bond due to adhesive degradation. This raises the needfor a structural health monitoring (SHM) mechanism that can monitor theintegrity of the adhesive bond in a repair patch.In this paper, the design and simulation of an array of MEMS piezoresistivesensors for the detection of adhesive failure in bonded patches is presented.Piezoresistive sensors are used to measure the variation in strain at the patchadhesiveinterface. A significant decrease in the measured strain is correlated tofailure of the bond (debonding). The results of the finite element simulation arepromising for the use of MEMS piezoresistors as a reliable SHM mechanism fordetection of bond failure.

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