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Effect of Dynamic Strain Aging on Fracture in Aluminum Alloy Sheet Materials AA5754
J. Kang, D.S. Wilkinson, A.J. Beaudoin, J.D. Embury, Raja K. Mishra

Last modified: 2013-05-07


Solid-solution alloys such as Al-Mg alloy AA5754 often display serrated flowduring tensile deformation due to dynamic strain aging over a range oftemperatures and strain rates. The effect of dynamic strain aging on fractureproperties has been an important concern in addition to surface quality andformability. In this paper, we present the results for double-edge-notchedsamples tested at room temperature. Digital image correlation was utilized tofollow the deformation pattern during the tensile processes. The results show thatthe plasticity bursts are not limited to the notch tip causing the plastic zone to befinger-like. This cannot be predicted using conventional elastic-plastic fracturemodels. The results show that the fracture strain increases with increasing strainrate. We have also used 45 degree offset-edge notched samples also tested atroom temperature. The results here show that the ductile crack propagates alongthe original crack line leading to the final failure.

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